As a member of APPA, we are excited to introduce our products and services to you, and invite you to learn more about us.

Why work with the Uniform Edit:
  • CUSTOM DESIGN – we work with you to create unique uniforms for your clients
  • 80 stock SHIRT FABRICS with over 350 design combinations
  • CUSTOM POLOS with over 150 polo combinations, and dozens of colours
  • Your label – your clients wear YOUR BRAND on their uniforms
  • Low minimum orders
  • Exclusive online ordering portal

The Uniform Edit is not your standard uniform company working off a generic catalogue.  If you are fed up with the same products everyone else has, get in touch.

We will partner with you to create a suite of products truly unique to your clients. 

Get a copy of our brand new catalogue

Fill out the form below to order your free copy of our 2020 catalogue hot off the press! Our catalogue also comes with a beautifully displayed portfolio of our quality fabric samples. So you can see and feel the fabric range for yourself. We will courier your catalogue and fabric package to your at no cost.



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The Custom Approach

If you think uniforms are daggy, ill-fitting and generic – think again.

When the market is saturated with the same products, why offer your clients standard uniforms? Going custom allows you to work with your client and to ensure their uniform is an investment towards their brand.

Why go custom?

  • Our custom program of shirts, polos, shirt dresses, and suiting lines enable you to pick and choose various elements and colours for your clients.
  • All our products are designed in-house and manufactured with our quality suppliers.
  • We manage the complete process from fabric selection, design work and sampling through to complete management of our manufacturing process.
  • We work with your company to create unique custom products with your own label that you can offer your clients.

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