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The simplest and most important way to make a uniform uniquely yours is to add your logo.  An embroidered logo can be applied to any item of clothing for a subtle, professional, and elegant finish that complements the superior quality of our garments.

All of our garments are embroidered in Australia, and our embroiderers are absolute sticklers for quality.  Their process uses the latest computerised machine embroidery to convert a digital logo file into a digital thread pattern, which is then followed by the machine to ensure accurate reproduction of your logo.

Even our embroidery comes with custom choices!  We use a standard durable polyester thread, but for corporate wear you might choose the shimmer of rayon thread, industrial workwear might be better suited to heavy-duty polyester thread, or specialist trades may even want fire-resistant thread.

Add to all that an astonishing array of thread colours, and you can be sure your embroidery will be perfectly matched to your brand.

Embroidery Pricing

Custom Uniforms
For custom uniforms, the embroidery setup fee is $99 +GST per logo design. The cost per uniform garment is worked into your custom uniform quote.
Ordering Online
See below for embroidery pricing when ordering our ready-to-wear uniforms online.