Enhance Your Brand: 5 Things to Consider When Investing in a Uniform

At The Uniform Edit we passionately believe that uniforms are a great way to enhance your brand, but it needs to be done properly! An incomplete uniform is obvious to clients and customers and can actually hurt the reputation of your brand. But well designed, attractive and stylish workwear is an invaluable asset to your company’s brand.

Here are 5 tips to ensure you are investing in a uniform that will represent your brand.

  1. Provide a Full Uniform

A lot of businesses choose to only purchase a company shirt for their employees. This causes a range of issues because staff rarely receive solid guidelines for the rest of their workwear. With a full uniform, you can be sure that your staff will consistently dress professionally on a daily basis.

For the items of clothing that you cannot provide, such as shoes or accessories, make sure you have detailed and attainable policies. Asking too much from staff will only cause more workwear issues. Outline a general style that your company is aiming for so that you can help staff understand why they should be wearing it properly.

  1. Get Fitted

There is nothing worse than being made to wear clothes that do not suit your body. As a way of saving time many companies buy uniforms in bulk, making sure they have a range of sizes. The issue with this is that popular sizes often run out quickly. Staff are left to squeeze into extra smalls or attempt to wear large shirts that constantly slide off their back!

Actually getting your employees fitted and measured will ensure that every staff member feels comfortable and confident in their uniform. It may take time, but in the end you are saving money on wasted sizes and investing in the morale of your team.

  1. Be Consistent

The consistent presentation of your uniform is vital for a successful brand. If the design and style of your workwear is too erratic it will communicate disorganisation to clients and customers. This is easily avoidable by distributing identical uniforms to your employees. Make sure you plan whether different sections of your company will be dressed differently, or whether every staff member will be dressed exactly the same. Whatever you decide, ensure that you are persistent in being consistent.

  1. Decide as a Team

Getting input from your staff during the design process is invaluable. Discussing styles with them will give you a good idea of what workwear will make them the most excited and confident to work. Even after you have decided on the design, encourage continued discussion surrounding the uniform in order to receive constructive criticism. This means you can make ongoing adjustments that keep your brand fresh and your team satisfied.

  1. Think Cost

Money is usually the main concern for most companies, and for a good reason! It is important to keep your budget in mind and consider the most appropriate use of money for your new uniforms. However, if minimising cost is your objective, consider the effect that will have on your brand. Cheap uniforms are obvious and can have a largely negative impact on your reputation. A good-quality customised uniform may be more expensive but is an investment in your company’s image that is worth the cost.