Automotive Uniforms

Now here’s an industry that understands the importance of a strong brand. Consumers aren’t just buying a car, they’re buying into the emotion of the brand and how it makes them feel, and that feeling must be cemented when they come face to face with sales and service staff.

The Challenge

Buying a car is a major expense. It is difficult for customers to identify real points of difference between similar makes and models, and changing your mind once you’ve driven out of the showroom is not an option – so customers are often apprehensive and wary of salespeople when they walk in the door, and they will shop around before making a purchase. In service divisions too, customers want to feel confident that their beloved vehicles will be well looked after. So a uniform needs to put customers at ease and give them confidence that they’re dealing with professionals, while also perfectly fitting the brand – whether your market is affordable small and family cars, work vehicles or luxury models.

The Solution

Naturally, you have to start with the brand. What first impression do you want to create? For an exclusive, luxury brand you might dress your sales team in quality branded suits, shirts and accessories for complete consistency and a look that feels high-end and commands respect. For a brand that targets mums and dads, chinos and a branded shirt would create a professional but approachable look that will put customers at ease. That same brand personality should carry through to other brand touch points too – your mechanics probably aren’t going to don suits for work, but the colours and style of their work wardrobe should still reflect your brand values.

Our Clients

Our extensive experience in the automotive industries covers everything from small boutique dealerships right through to major national brands. We have created total looks for Subaru nationally, Llewellyn Motors, Heubner Motors in Brisbane, and Duttons in Western Australia. We have also had the opportunity to create single-item looks such as uniform shirts for Reynella Mazda and Toyota in Adelaide. See more case studies here or view our gallery for inspiration.

The Edit


Let’s change the way we look at uniforms. They don’t all have to be the same for everyone. Here’s what a modern day uniform selection looks like. It’s all about keeping staff style in-line with dress codes. It’s the navy hues that ties their look in as a team. #navyblue #youruniformyourstyle #fridaystyle