Take the Next Step: A Guide to Custom Uniform Design

A fashionable, well-designed custom uniform is the next step for improving your business. The benefits are far-reaching and will ensure that your workplace is functioning at full capacity.

The Benefits
  1. Brand Presence

Campaigns and marketing can be expensive and exhaustive. Fortunately, a well-designed uniform is an effective and affordable way to promote your brand! Ensuring that your brand and staff stand out against competitors is easy when you have a uniform that promotes who you are and what you value.

  1. Functionality

Nothing wastes precious work hours like a circular discussion about the dress code. A uniform eliminates any doubt or odd interpretation of workwear requirements, saving time and effort for management. Not only that, but a corporate uniform actually inspires confidence in the workplace because it creates a sense of belonging and equality.

  1. Staff Welfare

Many workers are worried that they will be judged on their sense of style, making their morning routine an anxious nightmare. A uniform for work will make life easier 5 days of the week. It’s also cheaper! A life without a uniform usually has you shopping for clothes several times a year, but a good quality uniform may only need to be repurchased annually.

The Next Step

Now that you know the benefits of a great corporate uniform; what’s next?  There are a few things to consider to ensure your new uniform pays off.

  1. Simplicity speaks. Comfortable and flattering designs and a simple dress code encourage staff to wear it properly.
  2. Colours tell a story. Make sure your colour scheme communicates the values of your company to employees and clients alike.
  3. Logos are recognisable. A well-branded uniform will always use company images, so make sure you include your logo aesthetically in your design!
  4. Be original. Nothing boosts a brand like a uniform that stands out from competitors! New styles, colours and patterns can create familiarity and trust with your brand.