Hospitality Uniforms

In an increasingly competitive market, the hospitality industry is really upping its game when it comes to team branding. And with most of their team members customer facing, the investment this industry is making in staff branding is incredibly important. We have worked with many hospitality brands to create some amazing looks.

The Challenge

With many new establishments opening each week, successful hospitality businesses need more than just good food and great service – they also need strong brands. Everything from the menus to the decor contributes to the venue’s atmosphere, and the feeling that remains with customers after their dining experience and keeps them coming back for more. Gone are the days of plain black pants and white shirts for wait staff, or plain black t-shirts and aprons for cafe staff. Uniforms contribute to the customer experience as much as any other brand element, so how can you use your uniform design to set your brand apart?

The Solution

It all comes down to having a very clear picture of your brand personality. A casual eatery wanting to attract families might take a modest, casual approach, with jeans and a simple branded t-shirt. But the latest hip restaurant and bar targeting high profile guests and social media influencers will want a uniform that shows they are in front of the trends, and a custom design might be needed. Start with the end in mind, have a clear vision of your brand promise and then build your uniform around achieving those objectives.

And of course, along with great design you need high quality, durable garments that can handle the hard work as well as you do.

Our Clients

We’ve worked with many clients in the hospitality industry to create suitable branded uniforms, from casual eateries like Brisbane’s Arrivederci Pizzeria, to fine dining establishments like Urbane in Brisbane, Wichens Degustation Restaurant in the Grampians and more. See more case studies here or view our gallery for inspiration.

The Edit


Let’s change the way we look at uniforms. They don’t all have to be the same for everyone. Here’s what a modern day uniform selection looks like. It’s all about keeping staff style in-line with dress codes. It’s the navy hues that ties their look in as a team. #navyblue #youruniformyourstyle #fridaystyle