Making an Impression: Colour for Success.

 Did you know that every morning you choose to adopt an extra personality trait? The colour you choose to wear to work actually tells colleagues, employers and clients something about who you are. Research compiled on Colorcom suggests that 90% of a person’s initial impression is based on colour alone! The exact colour of your uniform speaks volumes about your brand and professional capability.

 At first, this can be a terrifying thought. You don’t want to be sending unwanted messages! But colours are a powerful psychological symbol that is there for you to exploit. Once you understand the character of a tone, you can use it to emphasise your own personal traits. We use this power in the design process of our custom uniforms, and you can too, whether you’re creating your own uniform or just dressing for work in the morning!

 Below are our insider’s analysis of 5 common colours.


Pink is a hue that exudes compassion and care. People associate these emotions with the colour, therefore adding it to your corporate uniform incites trust for you and your brand! If nurturing is a trait you want to express, this is the colour to choose. Just look at the example of the dusty pink ribbon at the centre of the Breast Cancer Foundation’s brand! If you need to be seen as sentimental, light-hearted or compassionate we recommend adding some pink to your next custom uniform.


White is the embodiment of cleanliness, simplicity and purity. Wearing it symbolises that you are an immaculate worker who will strive for perfection. Yet, white can also come across as unimaginative, cold and plain. It is possible to have too much of a good thing! Pairing white with another colour can help to maintain individuality and avoid looking too clinical.


Are you a half glass full kind of person? Yellow has a spirit of cheerfulness and optimism that stimulates creativity. It is well established in colour psychology studies that yellow inspires energy and movement, perfect for a busy workplace. However, too much yellow can cause agitation and create a sense of instability. For this reason, we suggest using it as a highlight colour, which adds a splash of warmth to your corporate uniform.


Green is a beautiful natural colour that will ensure that your corporate workwear creates a higher confidence in your brand. Green denotes feelings of balance, harmony and well-being, physically calming those who see it. Dark, leafy and mossy hues will be trending this spring/ summer according to the Pantone Fashion Colour Trend Report. As a timeless hue, green is easy to brand which makes it a top choice for your next uniform.


Did you know that blue is the most popular favourite colour worldwide? This makes it an obvious choice for anyone who wishes to be approachable. Blue emanates a sense of honesty and reliability that helps people to trust the wearer. If dependability is an important trait to you, you can’t go wrong with blue.

Why not try combining these powerful psychological symbols to create your own individual impression? Combined with some darker hues, a plain pink becomes a symbol of sophistication and strength. With the right colours you can ensure that you are making the right impression. The power is in your hands now.