Healthcare Uniforms

Few businesses operate without a branded uniform in the health arena. It’s crucial for brand recognition and for helping people to identify the roles of various staff members. How is this industry tackling company uniforms, and how do they create a uniform brand that sets them apart? We have had tremendous success working with small health businesses to create a look for their teams.

The Challenge

Frontline health professionals need uniforms that are comfortable and allow complete freedom of movement. In a field where interactions are highly personal, uniforms must also instill confidence in clients and patients. And with the diversity of roles, other staff and clients need to be able to easily identify, for example, doctors, nurses, allied health professionals, orderlies, hospitality, cleaning and administrative staff by what they are wearing. Getting the balance of all these elements right is difficult, but crucial for a successful health industry uniform.

The Solution

Functionality is the number one priority for health professionals, so the first step is to choose comfortable, versatile clothing styles in hard-wearing and easy-care fabrics. Considering each individual’s role is vitally important, as even among similar job categories the needs can vary greatly – allied health professionals like physical and occupational therapists, for example, have very hands-on jobs which require lots of movement, while the tasks of dieticians and speech therapists are less physically demanding. Designing a great uniform for a health business means identifying all the different roles and what their day-to-day work involves, then building a versatile and cohesive work wardrobe that can be consistently branded through custom elements.

Our Clients

We have represented a number of health brands, predominantly boutique front-facing brands such as Eastern Footcare, Mater Imaging, Royal Women’s Hospital Speech Pathology Unit, Life Fertility and many more.

The Edit


Let’s change the way we look at uniforms. They don’t all have to be the same for everyone. Here’s what a modern day uniform selection looks like. It’s all about keeping staff style in-line with dress codes. It’s the navy hues that ties their look in as a team. #navyblue #youruniformyourstyle #fridaystyle