In a corporate setting, there is a danger in thinking that a consistent, well-designed uniform is inconsequential and unnecessary. This often stems from a lack of knowledge about how to create corporate workwear that will enhance your brand, professionalism and employee productivity.

The benefits of a corporate uniform are extensive; from easy marketing and branding to better employee morale and teamwork. The only reason your company wouldn’t invest in a uniform is if it didn’t know how. Here is a guide to navigating the process of creating a unique, stylish, custom uniform.

The ‘Business Casual’ Style

 The optimal corporate uniform will be under the dress code ‘business casual’ as it optimises both style and comfort for your employees. But categories can be confusing. Here is the dress code unpacked:

 Business Casual is a less formal dress code and has become a standard for the majority of office industries in the last few decades. Men are expected to wear khakis or trouser pants, shirts with collars (including a tidy polo), sweaters, and leather shoes. Women are required to wear nice pants or a skirt with a button-down shirt or sweater and dress shoes.

With these as your guidelines, it simply becomes a matter of picking a colour scheme that reflects your branding and including your company logo into the uniform.



Corporate dress for men and women have traditionally been very different, but modern trends have called for a more consistent uniform. Consider styles that can be worn by both men and women. However, also ensure that your uniform is comfortable to wear. Likely this will mean a slight deviation in the men’s and women’s uniform, but continue to keep as many similarities as possible.


Though business casual has become the standard for office corporations, this does not restrict your ability to stand out. Accessorise, create a bold colour scheme or create a unique design that reflects the character of your brand. At Shirt Studio Corporate we have a wide range of expertise in creating unique corporate uniforms, so don’t hesitate in consulting us!