In an ever-growing hotel industry, competition is at its highest and having a stand out a uniform that speaks to your brand is one way to guarantee a win. But what makes a great hotel uniform? How do you ensure that your corporate uniform is doing wonders for your brand? Here is a quick guide to help you create your optimal custom uniform.

Who are your customers?

Hotels are a staple in the hospitality and tourism economy. You will find one literally around every corner. It is important to consider what kind of people stay at your hotel, what state of mind they are in and what they expect to receive from you. Here are some examples:

  • City Centre – Unlike other industries, hotel uniforms are one of the few places you might see staff in a three-piece suit. If your hotel is located in the centre of a vibrant city, and your clientele includes frequent business people or wealthy holidaymakers, your uniform should reflect that. So, if it’s a high-end luxury hotel, this means quality fabrics, the perfect colour palette, the right cut and combination of pieces to reflect the brand and the personality of the venue. Consider having each uniform tailored to the employee, to get the perfect fit.
  • Beachside Resort – If your hotel is situated by a popular beach, chances are that your customers will mostly be people looking for a relaxed, stress-free vacation. Having your staff in a three-piece suit may not be the wisest choice in this case, as it could be too formal for the customer’s headspace. Consider staying clear of blazer jackets, and opting for a waistcoat. If your resort is looking for a more casual environment, a short-sleeve button-down shirt could be a stylish statement. In every case, ensure that your uniform is neat and consistent.

Consider different roles

Your employees don’t all perform the same role, so it would be naive to dress them all the exact same way. Your front of house staff will have less practical demands than your housekeeping staff. Here are a few things to consider for each role:

  • Movement – How much physical activity does the role require by the employee? For housekeeping or tour guides, ensure that their uniforms do not overly restrict their movement or cause them to overheat. This will affect the chosen material, style and class of the specific uniform.
  • Customer Interaction – How much does the role require face-to-face interaction with customers. Receptionists and other front-of-house staff will spend a large portion of their time dealing with customers, and so it would be ideal that they were strictly more professional in their uniform. However, for behind-the-scenes kind of roles, you may be able to sacrifice a smarter look for comfort. However, don’t forget that every one of your staff reflects your business, even the ones that don’t directly interact with your customers!
  •  Consistency – Different roles will require slightly different uniforms but don’t lose that sense of unity that your uniform can give your staff. Stick to the same colour scheme, material or branding to ensure that customers and employees know who is part of your team. Consistency translates to professionalism.

What makes you unique?

 Hotel uniforms are necessary for the industry, which means everyone has one. How will yours stand out from the rest? Here are a few ways to do it:

Accessories – Simple jewellery, watches, hats and aprons can communicate a more luxurious uniform to your customers. Ensure that accessories are consistent among your employees. If one person wears something, everyone needs to!

Guidelines – Having strict guidelines on the appearance of your employees, other than their uniform, will help you to stand out. Keeping hair neat and natural, especially facial hair, can make all the difference to a customer.

Logos – Corporate uniforms are the perfect branding opportunity. All employee clothing can feature your hotel’s logo, helping you to stand out from the crowd.