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Gentlemen. Do you still love to wear classic tailored business shirts to work? Or do you have to as part of your corporate uniform? Whether you have a business shirt as part of your uniform or you wear your own for work, there are different ways you can wear it so that you only need a small collection of classic shirts to create many looks. The idea of a men’s uniform shirts is to make dressing for work easier. Once you have worked out a system to mix and match your dress shirts into various looks, you’ve well and truly mastered the trick to being super organised each morning.

If you have a uniform shirt, chances are it’s probably in a few colours and maybe even sleeve lengths to suit the changing climates. If not, you really don’t want to have an overkill of shirt choices anyway. A small selection of good quality styles and colours is the best way to roll.

Here are five fresh and modern ways to style men’s uniform shirts:

Modern Classic

Wear your button up shirt plain and simple with your dress pants, belt and dress shoes. If you have an entire set to go with your men’s uniform shirts then this will already be designed to match. If it’s your own, team a classic shirt in white or light blue with black, charcoal or navy dress pants. Or go light grey if you can pull it off.

The accessories make the finishing touch so always have clean un-scuffed shoes and a matching belt to complete your look. Only undo the top two buttons (or three if you have a 2 button collar).  Depending on the climate, jazz your look up for a meeting or work conference with a blazer or matching dress jacket.

Modern Formal

Takes things to the next level to formal dress code standards in any work environment and add a tie. Wear a tie to suit the shirt collar. A widespread collar will not match a skinny tie. A double Windsor knot suits a thicker tie best and is more formal, while a four in hand is the standard acceptable presentation for a tie. A half Windsor compliments the skinny tie best. Keep it in a tone that compliments the company branding colours rather than your own individual statement tie. Modern formal does seem to be moving toward the skinnier ties but not everyone necessarily sits this look. Do what suits your baseline or men’s uniform shirts best.

The New Smart Casual

Embrace the social uniform look that will effortlessly take you from the office, to meetings and even out after hours. Wear chino pants or dress jeans if your work allows. Then add a dress appropriate sneaker. To formalise it a tad more add a jacket. When styled with chinos, short sleeve shirts make an excellent alternative to the traditional long sleeve shirt and instantly become suitable for business casual environments. Stick to neutral colours and classic patterns to keep the look professional and add a belt as the finishing touch.

Got a short sleeve shirt? An on-duty warm weather look is definitely the easiest way to pull off a short sleeve shirt. Look out for small prints and on-trend patterns to add some interest to your outfit and even do the buttons up to the top to keep it neat and modish. You’’ be surprised at how versatile men’s uniform shirts can really be.


When it’s time to keep warm, choose a quality sweater. Ideally, your men’s uniform shirt must be buttoned to top to keep it clean. This works best with both a well-fitted shirt and sweater. Alternatively, add a knit vest to achieve this tidy winter look. Wearing a knitted vest over a shirt can get addictive since it helps keep your shirt nicely tucked and neat. Not all men will appeal to this preppy and polished style, so a simple blazer or possibly the next look may be a better option in the chilly seasons.

Fresh Comfort

The ultimate comfort in a varied role and active work environment for winter is the padded vest. Like everything, the vest must be fitted to avoid looking like Sponge Bob. Make it look good with simple colours in black, navy or shades of greys. It goes on so easily over a collared shirt and keeps you toasty warm. This is perfect for outdoor weather shield to pair with men’s uniform shirts.

Some companies have an entire uniform wardrobe consisting of shirts, pants, chinos, jackets, and knits to cover them for work all year around which of course makes it easier to coordinate so you don’t have to worry about colour clashing with your shirt looks each day. If you’re creating your own corporate wardrobe capsule, consider the above looks in mind for easy everyday dressing.