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Is your body shape being catered for?  Or are you experiencing a one size fits for all mentality?  Here’s a thought – how about creating clothes that flatter your body, rather than clothes that punish you for not looking how ‘society’ says you should look.  And imagine if clothes that looked good were also comfortable. Double bonus!

Tip 1:  

It’s called ‘tailoring’ and even in the custom clothing world things can go wrong.  Below are some tips to ensure your corporate clothing suits YOU!

Tip 2: 

Throw ‘fashionable’ out the window – what is in season now doesn’t necessarily suit everyone.  If mini skirts are the rage and you don’t have great pins then don’t wear one.  And if slim pants are the look for men and you’re a rugby player, then opt for a wide leg trouser.

Tip 3: 

Use fashion to accentuate your best assets.  For example, women, if you have an hourglass figure accentuate your waist with fitted shirt or tops.  And for men, if you are tall and lean stay away from skinny pants and wear contrasting light colours and layer your outfit

Tip 4: 

Be comfortable – being comfortable will give you confidence.  It doesn’t matter how great something looks on the rack, if you put it on and you are not comfortable it will have the opposite effect.

Tip 5: 

Wear colours that work with your skin tones and bring out the best in you.  For example blondes look great in warm shades such as yellow, orange, beige and rusts.  Select colours that make you look healthy, and make your eyes sparkle and skin glow.  If you hold up a colour to your face and it darkens you, it’s not right.

Tip 6:

Reflect your personality.  If you are bold and adventurous then let your personality shine through the style of clothes you wear and colour.  If you are conservative in nature then opt for classic colours and styles and simple patterns.