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Many of us are willing to substitute nature’s luxury thread for today’s modern man-made fabrics. This may be due to lower prices and the misconception they are easier to care for.

Some say these synthetics have even more worthwhile benefits. But is there any validity to their opinions, and has cotton earned its reputation simply because it’s been around longer?

Here is The Uniform Edit’s take. . . 

  • Man-made fabrics have only been around for the last century. These fabrics include polyester, nylon rayon and acrylic. They do have some advantages – polyester garments are usually less expensive than cotton, require very little if no ironing and are durable.
  • Polyester doesn’t allow the skin to breath, keeping the sweat close to the body, which is why you might notice an unpleasant odour when wearing polyester shirts in the warmer climate.
  •  Cotton is still the most popular fabric in the world. Its high status is owed mainly to the fact that it absorbs and releases perspiration, allowing the skin to breathe. Cotton feels amazing to wear. It is soft and supple and less likely to irritate the skin. It is also very strong with the way its fibres are heavily interlocked for strength.
  • A high-quality cotton is easy to wash and iron and will make up a quality clothing that if cared for properly will last years.
  • A happy compromise may be a cotton/polyester blend.  This provides a combination of easy care and durable garments with some of the benefits cotton provides such as breathability
  • As cotton still remains more popular around the world than polyester when buying your corporate uniform choosing 100% cottton will provide your team with more choice in colour and patterns.  The range of polyester fabrics is limited.

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