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While we may be a uniform specialist, we know more than just uniforms. We know corporate.  If you look at the parts of the definition of the word uniform – “remaining the same in all cases and at all times; unchanging in form or character.” Or “denoting a garment forming part of a person’s uniform.” It doesn’t necessarily have to refer to clothing garments for a company or organisation. There is a new sartorial term “style uniform” or “uniform style” which is often used interchangeably with signature style.

What is a personal style uniform?

So, in a sense it is a signature style that does remain the same and unchanging in character. But your personal uniform style isn’t about repetitiveness or wearing the same thing over and over. It’s about having a small selection of key classic pieces in your wardrobe you can mix and match with everything, although some do take it to the next level only wearing a white collared shirt each day, making a true statement about who they are through their fashion. This may not be for everyone but it certainly makes life a lot easier.

Professional uniform style

Fashion is a concept that will go on for eternity. People are becoming very fashion forward and rather than just wearing trends, they are creating their own personal style uniform to make professional dressing every day easier for themselves. Usually, it’s a set of classic outfits that represent their own personal brand. A lot of thought and effort must go into creating this small wardrobe selection, but once you have created your uniform style, whether it’s for work or play, it simplifies fashion.

Some famous style uniforms looks

Some style uniforms of well known individuals include Barak Obama in a white shirt and blue or red tie, Victoria Beckham in oversized glasses, Steve Jobs and his black turtleneck and relaxed jeans, Kate Middleton in jewel toned dresses or even the likes of Pharrell Williams in hats or Miley Cyrus always performing in leotards. It’s quite interesting when you start to notice all of other celeb’s uniform style. While they may afford a year-round stylist to give them a hand, there are some things we can plan out to create our own personal uniform style.

Having a style uniform not only saves time, but it can also save you a lot of money in the long run. Once you’ve invested in your classic pieces it can help you choose more wisely when shopping. You will learn to choose only items that fall in line with your personal uniform style.  So, if you want to strengthen your personal style and simplify your daily getting ready routine, next time you’re ready to update your wardrobe go through the list below and plan your wardrobe wisely.What’s your uniform style?

  1. You may already have a strong uniform style you’re not aware of.  Look at what dominates your wardrobe most. What work attire do you feel most confident in most of the time? If its button up shirts and tailored pants then go with that as a baseline style. Are pencil skirts and midis all you seem to wear? Or do you only wear dresses? Guys, what type of pants are you most drawn too?
  2. What fabrics are you most attracted to? This one comes down to feel and comfort. For some they love the feel of silk and can justify the higher maintenance care required. You may be strictly cotton. Cashmere perhaps? Or for a more affordable option cotton/poly blends will do just fine for many of you.
  3. What colour palette suits you best? While some of you just know, others may be unsure. The next question may help you with working this out. Your uniform style doesn’t necessarily have to be black and neutrals. Maybe charcoals and bold colours are more for you? Or Pale greys and pastels. Create a colour palette for your uniform style wardrobe so you have a minimalistic set of clothes that can all be mixed and matched nicely.
  4. What do you get most compliments in? This may help you find a common denominator in shapes and colours people seem to love you in most.
  5. Dress for your shape – There is plenty of information online on this topic. Dress in a way that flatters your shape most. To most this is the number one rule in dressing for success.
  6. Dress appropriately for your working lifestyle. Some working environments are more relaxed than others. Stick to company dressing policies. Of course if you are outdoors a lot, comfort and safety come first.

Creating a uniform, style for your work wardrobe will make people take notice. Especially your boss. It’s professional and gives you your own personal brand. If you decide you prefer this way of styling yourself why not create a uniform style to your off-duty style.