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There are countless ways to customise workwear. A staple in the corporate world is the collared-business shirt. They don’t have to be boring – they can speak to the brand and aesthetics of a business. Here are our top eight simple ways to customise a shirt. 

 1.     Coloured Stitching 

 Coloured stitching is one of the biggest trends in the corporate world right now – and for a good reason. Adding some coloured stitching to match a company’s palette, can bring a pop of subtle colour. Our favourite colour combos are red stitching on a white or black shirt and blue or lilac stitching on a grey shirt.   Add the coloured stitching on the button, collar, placket or even the button hole.  

 2.     Embroidery 

 This is a classic way to jazz up a shirt and is a great option. Embroidery adds a touch of customisation to a shirt and allows a business to put their logo on a shirt in a stylish and durable way. 

 3.     Coloured Buttons 

 If you need your uniform to be understated and yet still have a sense of your brand – coloured buttons can be a great choice. Contrasting colours work nicely and can also make a business shirt more feminine. Whether it is just the collar button, a button on sleeve tabs or all the buttons on a shirt – adding some colour is a nice way to customise a corporate shirt. 

 4.     Contrasting Fabric 

 Who says shirts have to be made out of just one fabric? Not us! Contrasting fabric instantly makes a shirt more interesting. Maybe striped panels against a white background. Or, perhaps some paisley, floral or logo-printed fabric. The options are endless – don’t settle for ordinary. 

 5.      Contrasting Button Hole Stitch 

 Perhaps one of the most popular ways to add a touch of colour to a uniform, coloured button-hole stitching is a stylish selection. This is an easy way to bring something unique and dynamic to an otherwise plain shirt, while still ensuring the shirt looks professional for any workplace. 

 6.     Sleeve Tab 

 A more contemporary way to customise shirts is by including a contrasting sleeve tab. This style of shirt is somewhat more casual but is still common in the corporate world. Rolled up sleeves can look purposeful, instead of messy, with a coloured tab. Match it to a brand’s colour palette and see the difference it can make to the overall look of a uniform. 

 7.     Cufflinks 

 For the more formal workplace, cufflinks are a nice addition. They are also an obvious way to add something special to an ordinary business shirt. By designing corporate cufflinks with a logo or particular colour scheme on them, you can ensure unity among staff. Engraved cufflinks can be a beautiful asset to a uniform, made even better if they are customised to the business. 

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