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Do you have an overcrowded wardrobe, yet still feel you have nothing to wear? Are always planning your next “must have” to add to your already cluttered collection?

Many of us are hoarding over half of our wardrobe (and that’s the lower end), for emotional reasons or from overlooking the unsuitability of it shopping at the sales.

With fast fashion on the rise and online shopping at our fingertips, its no wonder we have a closet full of neglected items and big credit card bills. With the nature of Instagram, some can also feel pressured to never be seen in the same outfit, which is ridiculous. Especially if you’ve paid a substantial amount for it. However, for those that prefer quality over quantity, creating a capsule wardrobe is the best way forward.

We have discussed capsule wardrobes quite a few times. For those that don’t know, it’s a wardrobe thoughtfully chosen of a few essential and timeless items. They are also usually quality investment pieces since they will be worn more frequently, and cleverly mixed and matched in a way that doesn’t make you look like you’re wearing the same thing every day. When it comes to your corporate closet, a well organised capsule wardrobe for work really is the secret to success.

Below are Seven Essentials To Help You Achieve An Organised Work Wardrobe

Classic Collar Button Up Shirt

This always goes without saying. Whether its black, blue or white. A quality long sleeve collared and well fitted shirt will be the primary piece to team with some of the items below. If it’s in the warmer season, then a three-quarter sleeve still does the trick. To add a little more chic – try a concealed button placket.


Classic Jacket

We are referring to a timeless jacket (or blazer) with lapels. A jacket in the most versatile colour to match the rest of your wardrobe is ideal. Normally black, navy or charcoal. Depending on your preference, a cropped one-button or classic two-button is a classic women’s business wear jacket. Make this a true investment with a custom coloured or patterned lining inside.

Shift Dress

The easiest go-to item for a woman. It’s quick to iron and you can dress it up or down. There are slimline or a-line styles to flatter most body shapes. Cap sleeve or sleeveless. One of the most comfortable women’s business wear items you can buy. Go for a quality fabric that has a little stretch in it. Team it with flats or heels. Add a scarf or jacket. The kind of dress most cannot live without.


Wool Blend Trousers or A Straight Skirt

Ideally, both of these women’s business wear items are necessary, but some women simply do not like trousers. So get a second skirt! Quality wool or wool blend classic trousers are perfect for that sophisticated style, especially when you want to cover those legs! Alternatively, a straight or slightly a line skirt just at the knees is always a winner! Have it as a part of a suit to your match your jacket, or a colour that complements it.


Blouses are always a beautiful choice. So feminine and soft and easy to maintain. Preferably get it in a colour different to your classic shirt. Short sleeves are most popular in a blouse but there’s also something very alluring about a long sleeve flowy chiffon style blouse.

Shirt Dress

This is the ultimate women’s business wear power dress! It needs nothing but a belt and some shoes. Jazz it up with heels, change up the belt, or roll up the sleeves. It’s a classic shirt in the form of a dress. Many styles now come with modish pattern contrasts in the collar, placket and cuff or with cute coloured buttons. Make sure it’s in a quality fabric with a bit of stretch for easy wear.

Statement Shirt

This is where you can go a little outside of “classic.” That’s still not to say it isn’t timeless. Your choice of statement shirt must be practical in harmonising with the rest of the wardrobe, but it also must be be a statement of YOU. By way of suiting your skin tone in colour, or in a pattern to flatter your shape. You’ll know when it’s the right statement shirt. Try and visualise it worn on a weekly basis with your other pieces in as many ways as you like. Usually your favourite colour is the best way to start.