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Corporate fashion is evolving and the once thought of ‘essential classic cut suit’ is no longer a must have item.  With many companies adopting a dress down approach, the cotton chino for men and women, worn back with a collared shirt or blouse is proving to be a very popular option.  And worn back with a cotton blazer can work well to create a suit ‘that is less formal’ in appearance but still professional.

So what are Chinos?

Chinos refer to a style of trouser that is predominantly cotton based, less formal than a dress trousers and more professional/dressy than a casual jean.  They are designed to be worn slim, gently skimming the body.  For men they usually take on the same cut as jeans, with a metal button and zip and for women take the shape of slim fit, often low cut trouser designed to finish at the ankle. The cotton rich composition means chinos are available in a range of distinguishing colours. 

How to wear Chinos?

Chinos shouldn’t be too baggy and most certainly not too tight?  A well cut chino will elongate the body and create a slim line silhouette.  They should never be worn too long, always making sure for women that some ankle is showing and for men that the top of the shoe is visible.  Wear them back with a classic collared shirt or polo, tucked in with a casual leather belt.  To dress up the chinos you can wear a cotton blazer, either in the same colour as your chinos or a contrasting colour.  For example, black chinos and sand jacket.

How to incorporate this as part of your Company Uniform

Depending on your industry, the chino trouser may be the perfect solution for your brand.  It denotes a professional image and at the same time says “Hey, we are relaxed, approachable and friendly.  Below are some shirt and chino combinations that could work for your team.

Another option would be to have a ‘formal uniform’ Monday to Thursday and introduce a corporate chino for casual Friday.

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