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If you recently watched Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, you would have been blown away by this grand final farewell. It was probably the largest funeral we will see in our lifetime. It had a very fascinating fairy-tale feel with the Palace, the King, the Queen Consort along with the rest of the family’s Princes and Princesses. A string of world leaders and so many more big names were among the 2,000 guests. While the streets were lined with hundreds of thousands of on-lookers and almost 4 billion viewers across the globe. The visuals of this historical event were extraordinary.

These important titles were not what got our attention and made it such a spectacular send-off. It was the runway of flags and thousands of people who played a role in her majesty’s funeral, all dressed in uniform that made it look so exquisite. Without it, the formality would have been lost. The sea of various uniforms was flawless, and the designs were almost costume-like. This is what gave it such an enchanting vibe. While such an incredibly sad occasion, it was so delightful to see this magnificent procession in action. The uniforms of guards, the royal navy soldiers, and the military are essentially what makes their titles complete. Traditionally, royals who are granted titles must wear military uniforms to state funerals in a period of mourning, even if they have not served in the military. But this time it was ruled out that only “working” members of the family can wear uniform. Instead, Prince Harry and Prince Andrew had to wear mourning suits which they were allowed to place their medals earned in the military. A lot of preparation went into the way every single person was dressed. Most of the elements of her funeral were planned many years before her passing. As you can see uniforms are a very important part of the ceremonial occasion.


Where do Uniforms Originate From?

While it wasn’t documented when the first uniform concept was made, there is evidence that uniforms date back to medieval times, traders wore badges that showed that their work was regarded as quality craftsmanship, and they were trusted to buy their products and services.


The different types of military uniforms and the history around them are too comprehensive to discuss in this blog. The purpose of the uniforms is used as a form of communication to distinguish the different levels of power, ranks, service branch, and many more factors. Service members are trained to identify the different uniforms in the areas of Service, Combat and Formal Dress. This is important in addressing their hierarchy along with military insignia and ribbons. While it is even more critical to recognise their enemies.


Uniforms in Schools

This is the first uniform we learn about in life, and one of the most valuable. Wearing a school uniform teaches us respect and that when in uniform we must obey rules. The rewarding part of the school uniform is that it instills a sense of pride as a student at the school you are attending. Wearing a school uniform eliminates any perceived inequality. It also gives the wearer a responsibility to maintain the reputation of the school and those values they learn from the school.

Without school uniforms, mornings would not be as easy for children and teenagers getting ready for school. When teens start to become fashion-forward and interested in designer labels, a uniform gives social equality to all students regardless of how much money they have.



If you are part of a team sport, the uniform is the outfit that the players wear proudly, even if they don’t like the design. They play the sport because they love it and want to win! The funny thing is, whether they win or lose the game, they still wear it with pride.

A sporting uniform helps to create that team spirit and is a key to making each player feel part of “the team.” Without it, spectators would not be able to follow the game. The distinctive uniforms create a beautiful display of controlled chaos as the two colours move like the shapes of a screen saver pattern across the field.  These uniforms are worshipped so much by the fans, they go and buy imitations of the garments to wear themselves to show their support!


The Modern Work Uniform

The modern work uniform these days can be used for many of the same reasons of the above. However, the primary benefit of uniforms in the workplace is more so used as a branding tool. It also makes recognising staff easier.  By uniform branding, we don’t just mean wearing their logo, but also representing the brand with a neat and tidy appearance in their branding colours. It’s all about consistency. Uniforms are an easy way to implement a dress code and facilitates a cohesive team environment, which all contribute to morale and a more productive workplace.


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