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Aprons might just be the oldest piece of uniform in the world. Used by blacksmiths and other labourers since medieval days, this is one piece of clothing which is undeniably practical. For many years aprons have been most popular within the hospitality industry, for waiters and kitchen staff. However, there are so many other businesses which can easily incorporate this practical and stylish accessory into their uniforms. We love aprons! They not only protect clothing and give an instant sense of trustworthiness and familiarity … they also look great! 

Wait staff and kitchen staff are still big markets for aprons. Adding an apron to a hospitality uniform 

is a great way to customise a simple outfit. In fact, an apron could easily be the key piece of a uniform – with a good dress code dictating the rest of employee’s work wear. Aprons can include logos or brand colours, allowing them to be completely customised for each business. But, the benefits are not for restaurants and cafes alone. Retailers, florists, garden nurseries, beauty salo

ns, catering groups and more can include aprons in their uniforms 

Aprons are a classic piece which combines practicality with style. Especially in the recent years of the ‘hipster’ revival, a stylish apron has become a symbol of modern style. 

The options are endless with The Uniform Edit’s range of aprons – we have two colours of denim apron and 12 colours of cotton aprons. From full bib to half aprons, we can create the perfect apron for your needs. Our complete customisation process means you can opt for leather trim, cross over back straps in a variety of colours and choose your pocket size and shape. Every element is down to you – colour, fabric and detail. Add an embroidered logo for total brand alignment. 

For a totally on-trend look, try a dark wash denim apron with brown leather trimmings and cross-over straps. If you need something more traditional, a black or coloured cotton apron with a logo or embroidery is a great choice. 

Whatever your needs, The Uniform Edit can help. We work alongside you to create a distinctive and brand-effective uniform. If you work in a hospitality, retail or service industry, consider how an apron could add some interest to your uniform. Let us help!  Check out our aprons!