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So what’s in a corporate jacket? One would say life for a jacket could be quite boring! And it usually is, for corporate it’s either black, navy or charcoal. Well, guess what? Life needn’t be so boring after all.

At The Uniform Edit, dare to stand out and venture into the world of jacket lining! A bright colour to pep you up, a solid colour to match your company brand or why not venture into the world of Paisley of polka dots.

The latest edition to our product range is:

Custom Lining

Let’s face it, in the corporate world getting creative with your jacket isn’t usually the done thing.  And even if there were some funky corporate jacket designs out there one would question whether they are appropriate for the brand.

Recently we’ve been working with some incredible mills to source an extensive range of suit linings to liven up our corporate jacket range.  99% of the time by default a black jacket would have black lining, navy jacket have navy living and so on – you get our point.

This new stock range of lining allows us to offer our clients a large colour pallet to work with.  Choose a colour that matches your corporate colours.  And if you want to step it up a notch there are over 80 patterned linings to choose from.

What’s the Big Deal?

You may question why is this even necessary when the lining is hardly seen?  Valid point, however, what’s inside really does count. The Uniform Edit is all about the detail, and to us, being able to choose the colour of your jacket lining is icing on the cake and is what sets us apart from the rest.

The lining can be seen when you strut confidently into a meeting, and the lining is very noticeable when you take your jacket off at a meeting and throw it over the back of your chair.  It’s the finer detail that really sets your uniform apart.  And most importantly, if’s about how you feel.  When you are wearing something that is unique, fun and resonates with you it makes all the difference.

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