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It’s our birthday next week! We turn 18! Yes. We’re all grown up and ready for the change ahead. So, we’re shaking things up a little.

The Uniform Edit wants to celebrate its new chapter with a bit of online shopping. Online shopping for their customers of course. So, we have added an online shopping cart. The brilliance of all this means that we no longer have order minimums. We now cater to all businesses large or small. Whether you have a team of over 100 or you’re a one-man show. It’s still business as usual, which means any orders over 20 must order direct with us. But for those ordering smaller quantities, can still get the corporate professional uniform look, and order online with us. So. What does this mean?

Ready to Wear Products Ready to Buy Online

The Uniform Edit sells two types of uniforms. 1) Ready to Wear and 2) Custom Uniform products. Our custom corporate uniform service is the driving force behind The Uniform Edit. Our custom uniform service is what sets us apart from the rest. However, like most corporate uniform suppliers, we also offer ready-to-wear products for those wanting a faster turnaround and smaller quantities. These are easy, fast, and ideal for smaller teams.

Our Famous Custom Shirting and Shirt Dresses Are Still Available Online

We have always been the king of shirting. Did you know we were originally a retailer called Shirt Studio? The concept of the brand was to recreate the Italian-style shirting specialist stores in Australia. Over a decade, the popularity of our shirts in the workplace slowly evolved us into a corporate clothing retailer, which we later made the switch to becoming a full-time uniform brand. Click here for the full story. With that being said, our access to custom shirting manufacturing, allows us to have economies of scale with offering such a service. This means we do not require minimums for custom shirting as we do with our other custom products.

This is the best part about our online store – you can order your own custom-style shirt for under $100. Our custom shirting program also includes shirt dresses. Like everything custom, the turnaround is longer, but it’s worth the wait!

Our Online Store in a Nutshell
  • Ordering online requires no order minimums.
  • Not all products can be ordered online. All our ready-to-wear items and custom shirting and shirt dresses are available.
  • Any orders over 20 units cannot be ordered online. They will still need to be ordered directly with us for the full uniform wardrobe creation service.
  • Online orders can be embroidered with us as an additional service. Simply contact us after you have placed your order.