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Let’s face it, most of us love new things.  It’s always exciting when you bring home a new wardrobe. Getting dressed each day is fun for weeks.  Eventually though it all loses its shine and what once seemed so new and exciting has become a bit dull and boring.  Sound familiar?

Corporate uniforms are no different, in fact, there is more risk of it becoming stale and losing its shine as the options can be quite limited.  When a company invests in a uniform for its team often significant time and money has gone into the project, and keeping things fresh and interesting is the key to maintaining its longevity.

There are many small things a company can do to ensure uniforms stay fresh and current, and continue to keep the team enthusiasm up.  Here are out top 7 reasons this happens and our simple approach to reversing this.

  1. Options are Limited

Whilst a uniform must adhere to certain styles and company colours, giving your staff no options with their uniform is going to create boredom quickly.

QUICK FIX: Choose a range of styles in your colour palate to give staff options.  For example instead of having one colour shirt only, opt for two or three versions.  Perhaps a white, blue and a stripe.  As long as all the colours work well with your brand and have your logo embroidered you can’t go wrong.  And give your staff the choice of long sleeve, three quarter and short.

  1. No Uniform Policy

To ensure a uniform is well implemented, it’s important to have a uniform policy in place. No policy = no guidance.  Don’t waste your time and money without proper follow through.

QUICK FIX:  Write a uniform policy which stipulates how to wear the uniform, when to wear it and what staff can wear with it.  Addressing issues such as accessories, shoes, tattoos and hair is also very important.  If a uniform is not worn well then over time people will become relaxed and the uniform will no longer look like a ‘uniform’.  Refer to our template HERE on how to write up your uniform policy.

  1. Uniforms Options Not Revisited

Introducing a uniform is not a set and forget task.  Fashion changes and business changes and the requirements of a uniform can change accordingly.  To implement a uniform and think it will stay current and exciting forever may not be wise.

QUICK FIX:  Each year review the current uniform, asses what is working, what’s not working and seek staff feedback.  What you thought might be a great option in the beginning may not turn out that way.  This doesn’t mean you need to start over.  It could be as simple as introducing the tops in a new colour, or phasing out one pattern to replace another.  Or maybe everything is going great and no changes are needed.

  1. Garments not Replaced

Regardless of the quality, all clothing items will eventually need replacing.  Garments can stretch or shrink, fade and lose their colour and start to look old and worn.  If staff are NOT buying new items each year the overall look of the company uniform will fade.

QUICK FIX:  Implement an anniversary system where staff are given one new item at their one-year anniversary mark with an option to purchase more items. That way they can replace older pieces that are starting to ware.

  1. No Seasonal Options

Throughout Australia climate differs dramatically and with many companies being national, some fail to include ‘additional’ pieces to accommodate climate changes.

QUICK FIX:  Include in the uniform policy ‘non-compulsory’ items such as cardigans, vests and jackets so that staff have the option to purchase to match their uniforms in the cooler months.  Giving your staff options will ensure that in the colder months they will be happy to wear the current uniform as long as they have some warmer pieces to wear back with it