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Really how hard could it be to get a shirt to fit well? Seems simple enough right! Well, it is, but so many get it wrong. Ill-fitting uniform shirts are everywhere – sleeve length too shirt, shirts are baggy, too tight at the chest, or the collar doesn’t do up. These minor hiccups can take away from the main objective of a uniform shirt. Don’t let this happen to your staff’s uniform shirts. Read our 5 tips to ensure your uniform shirt fits your team members perfectly.

  1. Sleeve length – too long or too short

A long sleeve shirt cuff should finish about 2 cm past your wrist – where the cuff meets your hand.  If a shirt ‘off the rack’ has the incorrect sleeve length it’s a very easy alteration. Alternatively, opt for a custom made product.

  1. Shirt too large

There is absolutely no reason to hide under a big baggy shirt.  It looks sloppy and is not flattering at all.  A shirt that is too large will billow and crease. With so many fits on the market make sure you staff are fitted correctly and order according to their body shape. Choose a slim fit, relaxed fit or a full cut fit depending on your height and body shape.

  1. Shirt too small

Shirts should be worn flush to the torso but loose enough not to restrict movement. Most business shirts don’t have stretch in the fabric and are not designed to be worn like a fitted t-shirt. Gaping shirts at the chest and buttons are not a good look and do not promote a professional image.  Again, choose a slim fit, relaxed fit or a full cut fit depending on your height and body shape.

  1. Gaping at chest

This is most women’s complaint and struggle.  A business shirt is designed to be worn in a professional environment and a gaping shirt at the chest is not ideal. This can be overcome by being fitted correctly. Make sure the shirt size you choose fits well at the chest. If it’s too loose at the waist this can be easily adjusted by taking the shirt in. Alternatively opt of a shirt style that has invisible buttons at the chest, to ensure the gap between the buttons at the chest is firmly closed. The Unifrom Edit women’s shirt range has this feature.  Learn More

  1. Collar won’t do up

For men who want the option to wear a tie with their uniform, it’s important to ensure the shirt size they choose can do up comfortably at the neck. As a general rule when the shirt is done up at the collar, you should be able to fit your index and middle finger in between your collar and neck comfortably. If a men’s collar size does not match the body size then opt for a custom approach where you can adjust the collar size to fit perfectly.