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As the year charges ahead, the phones get busier, our inboxes fill up quicker, and we can become complacent – dropping the ball from time to time.  Corporate uniforms often fall into the category of ‘important’ but ‘not urgent’ and whilst most companies understand the importance of this investment it can often be left as the last task to implement.

So when is the right time to refresh your companies’ uniform?  How do you know when it’s out of date?  Here are five warning signs :

  1. Half your staff are wearing it and the rest have started doing their own thing. This often happens for a few reasons.  Sometimes the excitement after the initial implementation wares off and new pieces are not introduced to keep things fresh.  Or staff are just not comfortable in the uniform and the options for other items are limited.  It’s important to keeps things fresh and provide staff with new options.
  2. White tops/shirts start developing a grey tinge and darker pieces are fading. If tops are washed once a week they should last about 12 months.  It’s important to issue staff with new tops at least every 12 months to keep things fresh.
  3. Men are still wearing pleated trousers! Let’s move with the times, a slim pair of flat front trousers are keeping things current.
  4. Short sleeve shirts worn with ties. We’ve never understood this combination.  A short sleeve shirt is a casual approach and as such should be worn on its own.
  5. Colour is missing. Corporate fashion has changed over the years to incorporate more colour. Whilst classic blue and white is timeless, it’s okay to inject some colour into the overall look.