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Putting together a company uniform is no mean feat.  The process takes time and is a huge investment for any organisation.  Execution is as important, if not more important than the creation process.  Ensuring the new uniform is introduced well, and a uniform policy is created is imperative to its longevity and success.

The below six step approach is a guide to help you with the roll out a company uniform to ensure a smooth transition.

STEP 1:  Address any Initial Issues Once the Uniform is Handed Out

The first step is to ensure that everyone that has ordered and received a uniform has had an opportunity to try their garments on and address any issues.  Give staff a timeframe from receiving the uniforms to the launch date to resolve the issues.  For example, give them two weeks from receipt of uniforms to launch date to arrange for an exchange of size or alter their garments if necessary.  This way you won’t have people showing up on day one saying “my shirt didn’t fit” knowing full well everyone had the same opportunity to address any concerns.

STEP 2:  Uniform Pack and Care Instructions

When handing out each uniform be sure to include a uniform pack and care instructions.  It’s important when you give each staff member their uniform they a very clear understanding on what they’ve received, when they need to wear it and how to care for their garments.

STEP 3:  Ordering Templates

Have all uniform templates ready.  By templates we are referring to order forms and any internal uniform ordering systems you need to ensure everything is in place for staff to reorder uniforms.  Point out exactly the process on reordering items and who they need to place orders with.

STEP 4:  A Launch Event

Let’s say things are running smoothly – everyone has received their uniforms, they’ve had time to make changes/alter the garments and everybody’s ready to go.  A great way to launch the new uniform is to have a ‘launch’ event at your work.  This is great opportunity to get the team together, and get them excited about what’s to come.  Perhaps have some staff model the items at the launch day so everyone can see how the overall designs will look together.   Uniforms can sometimes have negative connotations, so if you can add some lightness and create a bit of fun around it you will overcome this stigma in no time.

STEP 5: Set a Start Date

Have a start date.  Rather than have staff change from their ‘usual’ corporate clothing to their uniforms over a period of time, set a date.  Perhaps the day-after launch event might be your date where everybody comes to work on the same day in their new uniform.  It will create a really great vibe an instil a sense of pride with everybody showing up wearing the uniform on the same day.  Mondays are always a good start date! It’s a bit like school – imagine showing up to school with only three people wearing the uniform and each day another few wear the uniform.  It wouldn’t really create a dynamic impression but if everybody shows up on one day all in the uniform and ready to go it definitely has a huge impact.

STEP 6: Celebrate!

Celebrate this incredible achievement!  Hire a professional photographer to come to the office on uniform launch date and take some happy snaps of the team in uniform.  Use the images internally so the team can see everyone in their uniform and build some hype around it.  And make sure to use them for your marketing collateral.  Remember a branded uniform can say “Hey this is what we are about, you can trust us, we know what we are doing”

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