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Corporate uniforms are an important element in any office environment. They maintain order, communicate a brand’s values and unite employees. But, establishing a uniform for an entire office is a significant investment and it is key to make sure that the investment pays off. By developing some simple guidelines for your business uniforms, their impact can be accentuated.

1.  Be clear about accessories 

Corporate uniforms which allow staff members to mix and match accessories can look sloppy. Additional jumpers, scarves, hair pieces or shoes can undermine corporate aesthetics. Avoid this by setting out clear expectations of what can and cannot be worn to work. 

2.  Provide all the extras 

An even better way to avoid staff members adding their own items to a business uniform is to provide all the accessories. A branded scarf, complete with a tasteful logo is a far better addition to a uniform than one that employees bring from home. 

3.  Be consistent about colour

Make sure to outline the appropriate colour palette for the business uniform. That way, when employees buy their own shoes, the colouring is consistent throughout the office. 

4.  Presentation is key

A stylish uniform can easily be ruined by untidy hair styles, heavy make-up or an unclear policy about tattoos. Make sure that expectations about personal presentation are well known, equally applied and easy to follow. 

5.  Seasons matter

The best uniforms are attractive and practical. To make the most of your investment, be sure to have seasonal options as the weather changes. A rain jacket and a warm scarf are essentials in the cooler months while a light cotton shirt may be more practical in summer. 

6.  Keep it clean

A thorough uniform policy includes expectations about the cleanliness and upkeep of a uniform. Make sure cleaning procedures are straightforward and practical. No-one wants to walk into an office where stains and wrinkles dominate the uniform. 

7.  Be fair

Employees who want to wear their uniform are more likely to wear it correctly and look after it. Therefore, it is important to be just in the application of any uniform policy. Take into account gender, religion, culture, and individual preferences when designing a uniform policy. 

Business uniforms are an essential item for many corporate situations. A good set of guidelines and policies can help ensure that the uniform is worn to the best of its ability.