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Incorporating all your corporate colours in your team’s uniform may not always be the most sensible fashion decision you’ve ever made.  For example if your corporate colour is yellow and brown it may not be the most suitable colour combination.  People often think that all corporate colours need to be present in a uniform.  This is not always the case.  There are so many great ways to incorporate your company colours to create an effective, fashionable uniform, without making them the central focus of the uniform. Or if you want to incorporate more than one colour you can do this by adding a fabric trim to the shirt.

We explore below eight ways to add colour!

Contrast fabrics – shirt uniforms
By choosing a base shirt colour that works in with your brand, you can then choose a secondary fabric to bring in a second colour or to enhance the overall shirt.  For example with the red check shirt below by bringing in the navy blue check we are able to work with two corporate colours without having to find a fabric that has both red and blue. And with the purple check the use of the purple stripe contrast add a unique element to the shirt uniform. 

Use different colour buttons
Have you ever considered that buttons can stand alone as the feature of the shirt.  Use a classic colour shirt such as blue and incorporate your corporate colours with feature buttons.  Work with the colours in your logo so that the buttons and button stitching matches your embroidery.  Or choose to have a couple of buttons coloured and the rest more subtle. The white shirts below represent two options. One a classic white shirt with mainly white buttons aside from the collar buttons, and the other white shirt  with a combination of red and dark blue buttons.

Coloured belts
Adding a slim leather belt to a dark suit or dress will add a pop of colour and allow you to add accents of your corporate colours.  There are many stock colours to choose from with most companies. Alternatively you can custom make leather belts in your exact company pantone colour.

Suit Lining
Ever thought of designing your suit uniform with lining that reflects your company colours and brand. There are many ways to do this.  You can opt for a block colour that forms part of your branding.  Or you can custom make lining with your company colours and logo.

Bright jackets

Another option is to keep the bottoms classic in a dark colour (either navy, charcoal or black) with a plain or patterned shirt and then add a jacket in a bright hue or a colour that reflects your brand personality. Remember colours can be used to brighten or soften the overall look.

Corporate Shift Dress
Where a dress forms part of the company uniform, opt for a dark classic colour such as black or navy and then add a trim throughout the dress in the colour that best represents your brand.

Scarves and ties
Accessories are a great way to brighten up and brand the uniform without having to add too much colour.  Scarves and ties are the perfect way to enhance the overall uniform.  It creates a formal and professional look and will allow you to add as little or as much colour to the uniform as you need.

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