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Aged care homes. Do you have someone you care about living in one? Aged care homes tend to get a bad rap from the media as they‘re watched closely for their ethical practices. As an essential service with increased pressure to perform at a higher level of competence, there has been considerable growth and innovation of aged care business models. Modern aged care business models have improved practices and offer more competitive services to lose the stigma attached to typical “nursing homes.” 

With the aging population faced with huge decision to choose the right place to happily ever after in, current aged-care facilities are reinventing their cultures, becoming an important part of the healthcare system. The services required must closely match those of a healthcare facility. 

With healthcare and aged care now considered a combined category, its vital the level of professionalism is seen in both the service and presentation of their staff. Remember, this is not a hospital, it is home to this delightful community of aging people. It wouldn’t be all that pleasant to see their carers in boring green scrubs all day, every day.  

The long hours and split shifts of carers do require a practical longwearing aged care uniform. But this can still be done in style. While comfort is important, it’s also valuable that residents have pleasant surroundings, including how their carers are dressed. Staff needs to be identifiable, while also being tastefully symbolic to the aged care brand. 

What makes up a great aged care uniform? Here are five tips to consider when designing a modern aged care worker uniform: 

  1. A uniform that staff can look good and feel good in will boost staff morale. 
  2. Colour is important in representing both the brand and lifting the mood of residents being cared for. Find out more from our colour theory. 
  3. Suitability – the aged care uniform design must be practical for the each of the jobs carried out by staff. This includes breathable fabrics they feel comfortable in all day, stretch fabrics for movement, and easy care pieces for staff to launder regularly. 
  4. Flexibility – A uniform wardrobe of options rather than a set standard aged care uniform will always prove more popular. Its important staff favour their work wardrobe. Include a range of branded options to suit all body shapes and tastes. 
  5. An ideal modern aged care uniform wardrobe to us would include light-weight collared shirts and blouses longer (designed to be worn untucked), the use of brighter colours throughout the uniform look, cotton stretch chino pants, shorts, and skirts. Shirt dresses should be optional for women. Classic knitwear and cotton jackets for the cooler seasons. In addition, modern colour healthcare scrubs for staff working in the more medical intense areas of the facility.