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When you’re working the nine-to-five, time is of the essence, which is why you shouldn’t waste a minute of it fussing over your crinkled business shirts! With a few simple care steps, your business shirts can stay fresh and wearable all week long, no fuss necessary! Here’s our guide to caring for your work shirts:


Follow the Manufacturer’s Instructions 

This one may be a little self-explanatory… but follow the manufacture tag instructions! If you want your shirt to live out its maximum life, look after it in the way it is meant to be looked after. The wrong temperature, drying method, or iron could mean the end of your shirt, so take a quick look at the tag before you wash and wear it. If you still aren’t sure, try and get in touch with where you brought it from or check the website – there will generally be a care section.


Wash it Properly

Always wash a new shirt when you first buy it (following the instructions on the tag). Use a good quality detergent and wash on a ‘delicate’ cycle on a temperature no higher than 40 degrees (celsius), or place it in a large wash bag. Cool water generally is best as it helps the shirt maintain its colour and shape. Wash your business shirts with similar colours and materials. If you want to really systemise it do a small business “shirts only” wash. Before washing, unbutton the cuffs and turn the shirt inside out.


Drying It

Ideally, dry your shirts flat or hanging on a coat hanger on the line. Otherwise, peg along the top at the shoulder and arms so it isn’t folded over the clothesline. Never put your shirts in the dryer. If your shirt is out in the sun, try not to have it directly in the harsh light; it is a good idea to only dry your shirts in the shade and turned inside out – unless it’s white, then the sun will help brighten it. Your shirt is totally dry when it feels crisp to the touch.



Ironing and Storing

Iron your shirts to remove any creases and bring back their shape with a cool iron. Press collars and sleeves particularly well for a sleek and crisp finish. Once your business shirt is laundered, dried, and pressed, you want to store it to stay in that condition until you wear it. You can fold it, but we suggest putting it straight on a broad coat hanger and keeping it in the wardrobe.  If you’re in transit, keep your shirts on a hanger and in a dry-cleaning style bag to protect it more. As a shirting specialist, we can give you the best ironing tips – Watch our VIDEO on how to iron your shirt in 2 minutes

Dry Cleaning?

Contrary to belief, a business shirt doesn’t really require dry cleaning. You’ll do just as good a job (if not, better) by washing it yourself at home. Dry cleaning is good only if you have a tough stain and the shirt is particularly delicate. Save yourself time and money and do it yourself from home.

By following these simple tips, your business shirt will be in top condition for many years to come and you’ll never find yourself without a crisp and clean work shirt again!


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