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A company’s reputation comes from many things; ability to deliver on promises, work ethos and product quality. However, there is one important element which often gets ignored – uniforms. The right  corporate uniform has a unique power to build trust for a brand. So, how does this work? Here are the three simple reasons a uniform is important to your company’s reputation: 


A consistently worn uniform creates instant brand recognition for a company. When people are regularly exposed to a uniform, they become familiar with it. The basic principles of psychology tell us that familiarity = trust. 


Any company is instantly linked to the feelings of its customers. Your uniform has the power to impact positively on these feelings. Want your customers to see your company as professional and trustworthy? Try a more classic uniform. However, if you want your company to be associated with youthful energy, a more casual look might be better. It all comes down to your uniform. 

Staff expectations 

Several recent university studies have found that staff who wear uniforms hold their employer in higher regard than those who don’t. They also have better productivity levels. All of this contributes to a more trustworthy brand. 

Now you know why a uniform is so important, how do you implement it? We’ve put together our top five tips for using your corporate uniform to build trust in your brand: 

  1. Be consistent. Having a clear and simple dress code ensures that a uniform is worn correctly by all staff members. Make sure you have a uniform that is flattering and comfortable for everyone. 
  2. Think about your colours. To build trust, your uniform needs to match your company’s ethos. Does an autumnal palette help communicate your values? Or, does your brand need a more classically professional collar scheme? 
  3. Use your logo. A uniform that customers recognise almost always uses company images. Implement your logo into your uniform in a subtle and attractive way. Here at The Uniform Edit, we can even arrange for logo printed fabric 
  4. Take staff feedback. A uniform that builds trust must be worn consistently – the best way to that is to make sure your staff love to wear it! Think about the kind of duties being performed by your staff and design a uniform to match. 
  5. Think outside the box. In order to increase familiarity and therefore trust, you want your uniform to stand out from the crowd. Think about new styles, colours and patterns – be bold! 

Businesses spend millions of dollars each year on building their reputation – don’t overlook the simple power of a uniform! Customers should be easily able to identify your brand and understand its values just by looking at a uniform. Take our word for it – use your uniform well and watch your reputation grow! Learn More