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A decade ago, a uniform for work was never really considered fashion. However, the aviation and hospitality industry are two sectors we’ve seen gain more attention to the appeal of uniforms. There has also been much more emphasis on people creating their own uniform style, with the objective of making dressing for work easier by simplifying and systemising it. With both being said, modern full-service uniform companies can simplify having a uniform for any kind of business. So having a uniform for work is now a very exciting idea for both owners and their team!

Here are eight great reasons why companies should get onto this trend:

  1. Greater brand presence: Companies spend a fortune on advertising and marketing. What better way to promote your brand than have your team wear a uniform for work –  something that promotes who you are and what you stand for.
  2. Eliminates ongoing discussion with staff as to what is and isn’t appropriate corporate attire:  On ongoing challenge for some business. Dress codes can be interpreted differently by different staff members. A uniform for work will save the boss the effort in managing this and staff will have a lot less doubt when dressing for work.
  3. Builds confidence in the team – Whether you are in administration or management, a unified look/uniform gives everyone an opportunity to show up to work looking and feeling their best. This is so important in boosting individual confidence.
  4. Saves staff time in deciding what to wear each day – this is pretty self-explanatory and the reason for many getting a personal stylist to help them create a simplified work wardrobe. A uniform for work will make life easier for 5 days of the week. The last thing we really want to think about in our busy morning routine is what to wear.
  5. Saves staff money – if uniforms are good quality, looked after well and each staff has enough clothing for each week (without washing) then only annual repurchases of the uniform should be required and by then the company should be reviewing the uniform and possibly updating the style. A life without a uniform for work normally has you shopping for more clothes several times a year and a reason to say no to that impulse buy.
  6. Use uniforms as perks for staff (especially if fashionable) – with the right design, the response when a uniform announcement is made is one of excitement by most once all of the above is addressed. The most important thing to a happy medium is to have staff input on the deign when creating their uniform for work.
  7. A feeling of equality – the evolution towards equality is the only way forward, and so it should be. This is not only with gender, race, class and sexuality. It extends to almost everything. Many people will be judged on their sense of style, which will only inhibit productivity and workplace relationships. A uniform for work removes this challenge creates a sense of unity and belonging.
  8. Create a point of difference with your uniform style – having a uniform for work is your opportunity to make your brand and your staff stand out against competitors. If done right it will make take your company to the next level in terms of professionalism and style.

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