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Success in any workplace is largely dependent on image; whether it be a product display in a shop window, the fine detail of a website, or even the colour scheme used in a logo. So why do so some companies turn a blind eye when it comes to the presentation of their employees? Something as minor as an inconsistent uniform among staff can be enough to tarnish the reputation of a brand.

The solution? A company uniform policy.

This documented guideline, that specifically outlines appropriate (and/or non-appropriate) corporate wear, will have your employees informed on how to dress suitably for work, whilst achieving a consistent and sharp image to complement the business.

Ask yourself: Is my business’s image suffering due to the appearance of myself and my staff? Do I need to implement a policy to achieve consistency and professionalism?

Below are FIVE warning signs you need a company uniform policy:

ONE:  Employee disregard for appearance

Ultimately, it is not an employee’s duty to decide what can and can’t be worn to work. It is essential that the employer outlines what is appropriate, and what item/s of dress are mandatory to represent the brand. If you, as the employer, are giving workers no indication on what to wear, as well as dismissing the need for uniform consistency, staff are likely to reflect that level of disregard for appearance. This is when red lights start to go off – The result, an untidy and mismatched look between employees . A uniform policy is MUST to resolve this issue.

TWO:  Customer complaints

An indicator that there is a problem – if a customer directly comments on the state of an employee’s dress in any way that is not complimentary, then immediate action regarding a uniform policy needs to be addressed.

THREE: Customer difficulty in identifying a staff member

This identifier is particularly important for larger businesses.  It is important that every customer has a positive experience within a business. If a customer cannot identify a staff member from their work uniform alone, then how will they receive the level of customer service they are expecting? The simple answer is they won’t – and because of that, their impression of the business will be negative.

FOUR:  Employee safety

In an extreme case, a lack of uniform policy could put your employees at risk. It is of an employer’s concern to ensure all staff members are appropriately dressed to complete work duties as safely as possible. Closely look at what tasks workers are completing, and what type of clothing is most suitable. Flip-flops in a mechanic’s workshop? Spaghetti straps under the hot sun at a car dealership? A chef dripping in chunky jewelry? All MAJOR indicators to get a uniform policy distributed to employees

FIVE:  Affected company values

When the image created by employees’ state of dress starts to cause conflict towards company’s morals and values, then there is a problem. This calls for an instant evaluation of the workplace’s importance placed on uniform.

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