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Everything has a season, and every season has a trend… workwear included! Especially hospitality, where work wear needs consistent replenishing to keep staff clean, safe and looking professional. Plus, the staff of your restaurant, café or hotel and what their wearing are effectively the face of the brand; when they’re looking good, people are going to feel more inclined to dine. If you’re looking for this year’s trends and styling tips for hospitality work uniforms, here is our definitive guide:

Dressing outside of the square

The Australian food and hospitality industry is an exciting and innovating space, and hospitality uniforms are moving more and more towards supporting that. Express the individuality of your business through what your staff wear. Emerging trends on the hospitality scene feature cool T-shirts, unique colours, prints and our favourite… screen-printing. There are endless opportunities for customisation and brand awareness by the simple function of applying your business logo and message to the uniforms your team wears.

Tailored Chic

Hospitality uniforms may have the perception of relaxed-casual, but in 2021, we’re seeing a shift to a more utilitarian, clean and tailored chic style. That means plenty of large patch pockets, oversized buttons and eyelets, kept cool and crisp with denim and natural materials. Chinos paired with a tee, blazer, and sophisticated shoes make a great uniform.

Funky Aprons

Long gone are the days of long, shapeless, black aprons. In 2021, apron style is endless – that includes shape, cut, length, colour and material. Whilst practically all options the same level of safety and cleanliness of their predecessors, the aprons of today’s hospitality uniform world offer so much more individuality and funk. Our favourite look is a dark denim apron featuring a crossed-back for a groovy café or restaurant.


Our workplaces are going greener, which is a trend that’s hopefully here to stay. With that in mind, hospitality uniforms are demanding longer wear, less turnover, and utilising more environmentally friendly materials, which we’re 110% here to support. Opt for natural fibres, like cotton, to reduce your carbon footprint.

Complementary Divisions

If your business operates with staff division (for example, FOH, BOH, concierge, and more), you most likely require different uniforms for each differing role. What’s great is the ability to totally customise each division’s uniform need whilst achieving a cohesive look across the board through colour, style or personalisation (eg. your logo).