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There are so many elements and layers to building a winning corporate uniform. It is often the most complicated process for HR and Marketing managers to undergo. With so many options, opinions, colours, styles and varying budgets it’s no wonder the process is overwhelming.

At The Uniform Edit we have created the “rule of three” and use this process with all our clients to breakdown their requirements and make the process as simple as possible. Follow these three rules to create a winning corporate uniform for your company.

Rule # 1: FIT

An ill-fitting uniform is pointless. With most uniforms being an expensive initial investment ensuring the garments fit well is imperative. When looking at your next uniform supplier one of the first questions to explore are the fits. Does the supplier have a variety of fits in each product? For example, a slim fit shirt for men and women won’t be appropriate for all body shapes. And the same goes for a relaxed fit.  Always ask these questions and make sure the answer is yes:

  1. Do you offer a slim fit and relaxed fit in your business shirts?
  2. Are there different styles available in your trousers, skirts and jackets?  (again one shape does not fit all)
  3. And finally, how will you fit out your team? Will they refer to a size chart and take a guess on their size, hoping to make the best choices. Or will the company you choose come to your place of work and provide each staff member an opportunity to try the garments on?

 Rule # 2: FABRIC

Understand the uniform requirements to ensure the best fabric is chosen. For example are your staff mostly indoors or outdoors? The answer to this question will guide you towards either a pure cotton for a shirt or a cotton polyester. Are they sitting at a desk or moving around a lot? This will help determine whether you need some stretch in the fabric. And lastly, do you want your staff to be able to machine wash the garments?

Once you have the answers to these questions you will be better placed to ask your supplier the right questions to ensure they can meet all of your staff’s requirements.


So you’ve decided on the best fabrics for your uniform and you’ve narrowed down the suppliers that can fullfil on your fit requirements. Great work. Two boxes ticked! What about colours and most importantly ongoing availability. If your corporate colour is green and incorporating this into your uniform is important when choosing a supplier that can satisfy this need is imperative. Most importantly, (and a question most neglect to ask) – is this fabric or item of clothing you’ve chosen in stock and always available. Often one can fall into the trap of creating the most amazing uniform only to find out in six months down the track that the fabric is no longer in stock.

Hopefully this three-step approach will ensure your company creates a winning uniform! To find out more about The Uniform Edit process works Contact Us