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Hospitality uniforms over the past few decades have changed dramatically. We’re seeing more groovy, smart-casual, and innovative uniform options that express the personality of the brand whilst being totally functional. If you want to spice up the work uniforms in your hospitality business, here are our favourite on-trend looks:

The Denim Apron

A café or restaurant where the staff are wearing denim aprons, is a café or restaurant we want to be at! The denim apron is stylish, timeless and practical in every way. It suits any colour combo underneath (we’re impartial to an all-black fit underneath). Full or half sized, a denim apron suits a range of hospitality businesses and looks good every time.

The Crew Neck Tee

The crew neck tee is basically a hospitality staple at this point. Born out of the hipster-esque style of Melbourne and Sydney’s groovy cafes, we love the simple crew neck tee paired with black or denim bottoms, a cool sneaker, and a simple apron. They’re an economic option too, which comes in handy for bigger organisations and if your staff have a high turnover of uniforms.


Not only do chinos look great, but they feel great on. Your staff will thank you for decking them out in a versatile, comfortable pant for longs days on their feet. Perfect for hospitality, chinos have decent give without looking ill-fitting or sloppy. Roll them up at the ankle for a more casual look, keep them long and paired with a dress shoe for a more formal feel.

Custom Printed Fabrics

Take your business to the next level with custom printed uniform fabrics. Let your brand speak for itself with your logos, quotes and designs on your very own custom designed fabric. Imagine that!  Custom fabrics, allows your brand to really make a statement. You can use this fabric to make any uniform clothing product you want. Use it as he main fabric or add it as a trim to everything in your uniform collection from your shirt, polo, pants, skirt, and even your apron. This ties in the entire look on the team’s wardrobe.


Polos may not be the first thought that comes time mind in hospitality, but these humble shirt options are so great in fast-paced environments. They are moisture wicking, light, easy to care for and super breathable, which makes them perfect for a back of house team and even floor staff who are on their feet all day long. They can be customised, work well under an apron, and are a great stable item that your staff members can have in ample quantities for whenever needed.

We hope you have gathered some hospitality workplace uniform inspiration from these emerging trends. We love seeing the innovative food and tourism industry mix up uniforms to create a brand story, and there’s no better way to tell it than through what your staff wear. It’s also worth noting that the more love and time you put into choosing a practical and stylish uniform that your staff genuinely love wearing, the more likely they are to perform better. We are what we wear, after all! Get in touch with us at The Uniform Edit if you need any help with custom uniform options for your hospitality team today.