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Have you been thinking of investing in a corporate uniform but are still unsure? Maybe you are undecided on whether it is an investment worth making for your company?

You may have considered value for money, workforce size and even design. But, have you considered who your new uniform will impact? The impact of a uniform is far wider spread than many suspect. From employees to competitors and clients – there are many who will be positively effected by the implementation of a uniform.


This may be the most obvious group to be impacted by uniform. A great uniform acts as a piece of marketing – creating a strong brand image and an attractive space for clients. Your business will make that all important first impression with a killer uniform. A uniform which properly represents your brand’s values and creates a reputation of professional excellence is a key communication strategy to clients.

Think about the impact various uniforms have on you, as a consumer. When you walk onto a Virgin flight – you feel an instant sense of familiarity. When worn well, the uniform makes the employees appear well-trained and professional. You know you are in the right place. Virgin’s bold colours and well designed cuts means that the staff appear collected and unified – representing the brand well. Clients feel assured and content at the service they receive. The more they are exposed to this uniform, the more they associate those positive experiences with the brand.

What clients need a uniform to communicate:
  • Familiarity
  • Trustworthiness
  • Consistency – a uniform code is key here!
  • Friendliness and approachability.

Research shows that uniforms have the potential to boost office productivity? Why? Because a uniform unites team members, reminds them of their purpose and creates a sense of professional responsibility as they represent the company. Companies which value their staff invest in high-quality uniforms. Employees feel more content in the workplace when they are dressed in flattering, comfortable and professional uniforms. Happy employees equal a happy business.

What employees want in a uniform:
  • Comfort and ease of wear.
  • Flattering cuts for all body-shapes.
  • Modesty and practicality.
  • Contemporary style which makes them proud of wear a uniform!
General Public

A well recognised uniform is a great way to expand a client base and be present in the community. Familiar uniforms which are regularly seen in public, through advertisement and community presence, present a unified and trustworthy face to the public.

What the general public want in a uniform:
  • Recognisability – think logos and branded colours!
  • Approachability
  • Confidence and re-assurance

This is an audience you may not have thought would be impacted by your uniform choice, but believe us – they are! How do you assess the competition in your industry? Human psychology tells us that visual appearance is a significant way in which we determine the threat and value of those around us. That means that a tidy workforce in a stylish corporate uniform is an instant signal of success to the competition. Set yourselves at the top of the game by creating a dynamic and beautifully branded uniform.

What competitors are threatened by in a uniform:
  • Cutting edge design.
  • High-quality material.
  • Extensive wardrobes for staff – cover all seasons and all occasions.
  • Recognisability

We all know how important it is to keep investors happy. Investors want to see where their hard-earned money is going. Is the business running smoothly? Is the office unified? Is the branding clear? Are customers happy? A great uniform answers a resounding ‘yes’! When that extra-picky investor pops in for a surprise visit, make sure the business is looking sharp.

What investors want out of a uniform:
  • Professional and neatly dressed staff.
  • Well branded design.
  • Flattering cuts which make the workforce look their very best.
  • Happy employees!
Uniform is key

It isn’t just your immediate office which is impacted by a great uniform – the impact is spread far and wide. Keep clients content, the general public intrigued, employees proud, competitors in awe and investors generous with a fantastic uniform. Speak to us today about your custom uniform needs.