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Uniforms have become a necessity for many industries and business owners and company leaders are understanding the value of team branding and the importance of creating a unified look.  Our experience has also shown that staff members are becoming more welcoming of the concept too as it simplifies life for them.

The biggest topic of discussion is always in relation to costing and who covers the cost – the staff member of the company? Here are 7 options we’ve seen work well for companies and staff.

  1. The company covers 100% of the cost and each staff member has an allocation based on the hours they work.  If staff want to order more items that are above their allocated budget they pay for it.
  2. The company covers 50% off the cost and the staff member 50% – no limit to how many pieces can be purchased.
  3. Staff pay for 100% of the uniform and pay it back to their company through their salary over an agreed period of time
  4. The company will provide 5 tops (for full time staff) and three tops (for part time staff) at their cost and these are set as compulsory items.  Any additional pieces (that are not compulsory) can be purchased by the staff member and salary sacrificed.
  5. Some companies put together a uniform that is only compulsory at events, seminar and functions.  In this case the company pays for one shirt (which must be worn at these events) and any additional shirts staff want are purchased by them and salary sacrificed.
  6. Companies put together an ‘optional’ uniform and secure a wholesale price to make corporate dressing more affordable for their staff.  Uniforms are then ordered and paid directly to the uniform supplier.
  7. A company will provide three items at their cost and staff pay for additional items by salary sacrificing.  On each year of their anniversary they are given one more item of their choice.  Again additional items are salary sacrificed.

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