The woman’s corporate dress is a great wardrobe staple and a versatile piece to include in the uniform wardrobe.  Our corporate dresses are designed to be elegant, functional and comfortable.  We offer two styles of dresses.  The Giorgia A-line shift dress which is fitted at the chest and waist with an A-line finish.  The dress is offered as sleeveless or short sleeve and is customisable with your choice of two front hip pockets or waisted belt loops.

And for a more tailored fit, the Audrey dress is stunning classic – tailored at the chest and waist and fitted at the hips.

The dress range is made from a beautiful wool-blend with 2% elastane making it very comfortable to wear and most importantly machine washable.

For a more casual take on the corporate shift take a look at our functional shirt dresses made cotton spandex.  It truly is one of the most comfortable pieces in our uniform wardrobe collection.