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So much to think about each morning isn’t there?  And accessories are the last thing of your mind.  These 6 little known facts may make you find a little more time to add an accessory or two.


A belt can enhance your body shape – find your sweet spot – it won’t be the natural waistline for everyone. Your best part may be just above the waistline or further down towards your hips. Find your sweet spot and enhance it with a belt.



  Choose the colour and contrast of your belt to compliment your shape. If you want to draw attention to your waistline then adding a belt with a strong contrast to your garments will work well.  If your waistline is not that defined then choosing a belt that is similar contrast to your garment will be most flattering



Choose earrings based on skin colouring and colour of your eyes. Did you know a pair of earrings can enhance your eye colour and your skin tones?




Wear a neck scarf. Wearing either a square scarf folded diagonally into a band or a long pashmina are both ways to lengthen and slim the silhouette.




We all know wearing high heels will give more height. To elongate choose a pair that either pointed or peep toe – the more skin on show helps to make your foot look longer and in return your legs




Go nude (on your feet) – the best colour to provide height when worn as a high heel



While we don’t offer all accessories mentioned, we have have women’s scarves and belts which could be used  to compliment your existing uniform or worn as the only uniform item. Check out our women’s scarves and belts.