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Getting ready each day – putting on the same uniform, accessories, and shoes – can start to feel mundane fairly quickly.  It’s easy to slip into a quick and easy routine of spending as little time as possible getting groomed for work, however, it’s essential to separate “quick and easy” from lazy and sloppy.  Keep your uniform looking sharp and professional by making sure you aren’t slipping into any of the below habits.

  1.   Oversized

A well-fitted suit and corporate shirt is the number one key to pulling off your work outfit and keeping your uniform looking sharp. An oversized uniform – may it be a suit, corporate shirt, or skirt – can weaken the professionality of your uniform and present a lazy, sloppy image.  Sometimes less is more.

  1.  Too Small

Following on from the point above, a uniform that is too small or tight can convey the wrong message to clients you’re interacting with.  Ensure your jacket is fit to form, doesn’t pull at the shoulders – trousers and skirts sit at an appropriate length, and shirts and blouses are not gaping or pulling at the chest and are appropriate in length (no skin peaking out).

  1.  Crinkled Clothing

One big mistake in getting ready for work is putting on a crinkled uniform. A quick iron over your shirt in the morning will keep your workwear looking fresh.  Tip: hang your shirts, suits and other uniform essentials on coat hangers straight after washing and even after getting undressed (if you plan to wear it the next day).  Iron when damp and with a good quality iron and ironing board.

  1.  Colour Mismatching

Avoid the mistake of colour mismatching components of your work uniform when getting ready. Ensure that your tie matches your shirt, your shoes match your suit and/or other accessories and women – that your makeup doesn’t clash with your outfit.  Not all companies provide the entire uniform look are provided from head to toe so if your company is only providing the shirt or top keep it simple with a solid colour dark suit/bottoms and dark classic work shoes.

  1.  Uniform Unfit for Purpose

Ensure that your uniform is fit for the work being conducted.  If it’s not fit for purpose, there is a chance it can deteriorate your professionalism, and also affect your health and safety.  Don’t place more importance on your aesthetic image before seriously considering the appropriation of your workwear.

  1.  Over Accessorising

Overdressing your work uniform with accessories is a major mistake in getting ready for work.  It’s important to not overtake the simplicty of the branded clothing.  Simple additions – such as a belt, minimal jewellery, a tie, or scarf – is appropriate when worn to compliment your uniform. However, when overdone, it can create a busy and unprofessional look.  Always consult your company and check with them what is appropriate for the company’s brand and positioning.

  1.  Under Accessorising

Clients want to know that they’re engaging with a real person rather than an automated robot in the workplace. Add personal and simple touches to your uniform to convey part of your own authenticity. For men, this can be as simple as taking pride in your shoes and belts and ‘adding’ something to your outfit rather than simply adding any belt or shoes and hoping it will match. Women can add some extra simple jewellery pieces or an accented pair of shoes.

If implementing a uniform in your company these FREE downloadable templates may help.

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