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Have you heard of clothes sandwiching? Don’t laugh, but it is currently trending on TikTok. You may instantly think of someone dressing up like a physical sandwich. However, the technique was used long before it went viral on TikTok to help you get ready easier in the morning. Sandwich dressing is another way to put it.

Clothes Sandwiching Hack Explained

So what is it? It’s a universal rule you can use when dressing for any occasion to balance your outfit. While the fastest way to throw an outfit together using the clothes sandwich is by using colour, you can also apply it to texture of fabric, fits, or shapes. You can even simply do it with accessories. The aim of the game is to mirror the top part of your outfit with the bottom in a sense.

A classic example of this is if you are wearing sand-coloured chinos with white kicks and a black polo shirt or tee, while the outfit is completely fine, it will look much more balanced with black kicks instead. Or, if you had a white business shirt on with these chinos and black polished shoes, you can balance it out by throwing on a black blazer, or even simply by adding a black belt, you are sandwiching the chinos between the black polished shoes and belt.

What Sandwich Dressing Looks Like

We’ve often discussed the concept of a capsule wardrobe, highlighting its similarity to a uniform wardrobe. Well, this sandwiching rule can be added by helping put those pieces of your wardrobe together. Capsule plus sandwiching is the perfect formula for fast decision-making when getting ready in the morning. Look effortlessly chic when you head off to work each day.

Below are some classic examples of using the sandwiching rule. In this case, we’re featuring outfits geared more towards corporate wear using some of our uniform styles. The lady below (left) is wearing a classic wool blend charcoal grey skirt using black as the colour on the top and then black shoes as the bottom. On the right, the other lady is sandwiching her navy Chloe shirt dress between a black jacket and black heels. The gentleman in the middle is choosing to balance his outfit out by sandwiching on the lower half only, His stylish cool stretch one-pleat pants in navy sit between his polished brown shoes and brown belt. You can see how simple it is with the breakdown below.

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Check out how others have used this sandwich dressing hack to create their work-friendly outfits.

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