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Did you know that colours in clothing send specific subconscious messages and meanings about the wearer to the outside world which reflects certain characteristics?  Wearing the right colours becomes crucial during key events such as job interviews, special occasions and business dealings. 

 We need to be conscious of how the colours that we wear can be translated to reflect the look that we desire. 

 Below are just a few interpretations of different colours. So, next time you get dressed you have the power to send out the message you want: 


White is a neutral colour that signifies cleanliness, simplicity and purity. It highlights the importance of the individual and ego. White symbolises traits that are uncomplicated and minimal and those who prefers to be alone.  


Maroon indicates someone who likes to think things through and analyse situations in detail before making a decision. Maroon wearers are naturally tempted by power and assume responsibility easily. 

Sky Blue 

Sky blue highlights born leaders and visionaries. The colour suggests qualities of optimism, creativity abd charisma as well as conveying importance and confidence without being dull nor sinister.   


The nature of pink tend to be nurturing, charming and playful. Although conventionally a feminine colour, pink is a more daring colour for the more confident males implying energy and positivity.  


Green can be used to create multiple meanings. Lighter shades signifies a summery feeling of freshness. More deeper shades imply balance, harmony and stability as well as a sense of envy, jealousy and inexperience.  Darker shades on the other hand denotes seriousness and sombre tones.   


Yellow is a warm cheerful colour that suggests happiness, energy and draws attention. On the flipside, yellow can also be associated with cowardice and dishonesty. 

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