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When you think of a great hotel it usually reminds you of holidays. Or at least a working holiday, which can always be pleasant. A good hotel is one that usually has all the trimmings. Beautiful surroundings, impressive interior design, clean rooms, quality bedding, nicely packaged toiletries and of course amazing customer service!

A big part of that professional service usually comes with a polite receptionist, waiter or concierge in a smart hotel uniform. Have you ever noticed hotel staff that aren’t in uniform? It’s no news that it is an absolute essential in the industry. But could you ever remember any that stood out to you that was obviously memorable? If you do remember, then it must have been a great hotel uniform design! For example, in the featured take the JW Marriott Hotel Houston uniform collection.

With increasing competition in the Australian hospitality industry, and an attempt for hotels, restaurants, and cafes to ‘stand out’ in a crowded marketplace the demand for custom hotel uniforms has increased and created a niche market in the hotel uniform space.

Our founder Fiona Anchal says “In an ever-growing industry, competition is at its highest and having a stand out uniform that speaks to your brand is one way to guarantee a win.”

Hospitality competitors have the chance to be at the top of their game with their crew in stylish custom hotel uniforms. Check out below some of the uniform collection we designed for Brisbane Marriott for reception, concierge and their restaurant staff.

How do they create that impressive hotel uniform design? It’s not just a case of wearing the right colours and adding a logo and name tag. There’s so much more that goes into the fine art of a hotel uniform design. Unlike other industries, hotel uniforms are one of the few places you might see staff in a three-piece suit. It must match the surroundings. So, if it’s a high-end luxury hotel, the uniforms of their staff must also be high end. That means quality fabrics, the perfect colour palette, the right cut and combination of pieces to reflect the brand and the personality of the venue. Hotel uniforms must also be practical and comfortable for staff to match their working environment.

So next time you’re staying in a luxury resort take notice of the hotel uniforms compared to that of a regular 3-Star hotel. Consider the hotel uniform with that of your hotel’s rating after your stay. Did that impact your impression of the overall professionalism of the hotel and your experience?

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