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Blouses have been a uniform staple for many years. Ever since women entered the workforce, blouses have been a feminine and yet practical choice which many working women choose. They go with everything – trousers, skirts, pinafores and suits. There are many styles to choose from. Blouses can be dressed-up or made casual. They suit every shape and size. WithThe Uniform Edit, all our blouses are completely customisable – meaning even more options. What’s not to love?

A Change in Tide

Over the past few years, the blouse has changed. As trends change, so do uniforms. The blouse has transformed from a more formal, form-fitting and feminine piece into a more flexible wardrobe staple. Offices across the world have become increasingly casual, which is part of the reason behind the blouse’s transformation. The perfect sweet-spot between a structured dress-shirt and polo-shirt, a blouse is a must-have for any modern wardrobe.

The newer style of blouse is looser fitting, with more room to move. This style is incredibly versatile and flattering with a high-degree of comfort – perfect for transitioning straight from a big board meeting to the weekend!

The Uniform Edit offers a few styles of blouses across two fabric options – made of high-quality, long-lasting material. Both fabrics lend themselves to contemporary, comfortable uniforms.

Polyester Chiffon

Our polyester chiffon is a wonderful fabric for blouses – retaining femininity and comfort, in one shirt. This fabric is easy care and requires minimal ironing(just another reason to love it!). Blouses made from polyester chiffon are flowy, skimming your curves and creating a lovely silhouette. The effect of the fabric is slightly shimmery.


The effect of this blouse fabric is close to that of a natural fibre, giving a contemporary and more casual look. This material lends itself to the relaxed fit of the shirts and is understatedly elegant. This fabric is smooth and opaque – making it such an easy material to wear and extremely versatile for every outfit in every season.

Both types of fabric are outstandingly high in quality and offer excellent comfort and style. SThe Uniform Edit offers a range of designs for blouses, there is sure to be a style to suit you and your business. Every single piece we produce is tailor made and fully customisable. From a choice of pockets or no pockets to contrast trims and button colours, every element is in your hands. Our current favourite blouse styles are beautifully stylish and easy to pair. Here they are:

Round neck blouse

This blouse is short sleeved. It is available in either fabric and is a wonderful, relaxed choice for any work environment. From hospitality staff to office employees – this blouse is simple and perfect for pairing with trousers or a skirt. Choose any colour you desire and watch this blouse transform your uniform in an instant. Flattering and effortless, we love it and we know you will too!

Half button-up blouse

If you’re looking for a blouse which is right on trend, our half button-up blouse is perfect. Available in either fabrics with a range of style choices, this blouse sits nicely between casual and formal. Whether you need short, three-quarter or long sleeves, the half button-blouse is a great choice. Choose between a regular pointed collar or a chic mandarin collar. We can add pockets if you like, or keep it more minimalistic. It is up to you!

Full button-up blouse 

Our full button-up blouse is the perfect choice for a more traditional uniform. This is a classic style, sure to make every employee look their best. It is easy to wear and comes in either fabric, with a choice of pocketing and collars. Available in short, three-quarter and long sleeves, this classy piece is hard to pass by. The full button-up blouse is a sure-fire winner for any uniform.


Blouses are an absolute uniform staple and don’t appear to be going anywhere. Keep up with the trends by embracing the newer, more relaxed fitting styles. With complete customisation available, The Uniform Edit offers you a selection of blouses to fit every uniform. Do you need a uniform piece which is long-lasting, easy to style and flattering? Try a classic blouse with a contemporary twist.