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Most uniform suppliers provide you with a standard catalogue to choose from.  Not The Uniform Edit. Well, here’s five reasons why custom uniforms always trump a catalogue product.

  1. Custom uniform is an investment in branding

Your uniform speaks volumes about your business. It is often the first thing a potential client or customer sees and is the image your business sends to its competitors.  Customising a corporate uniform means that a brand’s identity and aesthetics are taken into account. The Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism found that one of the most memorable aspects of a customer’s experience, is the way staff are dressed. If people are going to remember your uniform, what do you want them to remember? Your brand, of course. Custom uniforms can do this in a way that catalogue products can’t. Here are just a couple of the ways that investing in a custom uniform can boost your marketing:

  • Logos can be included on your uniform. Whether they are embroidered, printed, or woven in the fabrics, you want people to remember your logo.
  • Your brand’s colour palette can be seamlessly tied into a custom uniform. Catalogue uniforms come with minimal colour options – that problem doesn’t exist when you choose to customise.
  1. Comfort

We all remember days where our productivity decreased because of discomfort. Pants too tight, shirt collars itchy, fabrics that are too hot or not warm enough – these are the issues that bulk uniform purchases can bring. Custom uniform means that the people in your office are tailored to. Their size, shape and preferences are taken into account. When a uniform is customised, comfort is prioritised and productivity increases!

  1. Up-to-date style

You already know the impact your uniform can have on your clients. So, making sure it is up-to-date is pretty important. You want your brand to look innovative, exciting and attractive. That applies to your uniform too. Catalogue products are not designed with the latest trends in mind. They are designed to be efficient and affordable. But, if you want to ensure that your uniform is stylish – custom is the way to go. After all, do you think Qantas, Apple, The Wallabies, or Westpac use catalogue products or custom designed uniform?

  1. Tailored to your work

Most uniform catalogues don’t differentiate between IT offices, law firms, GP offices, community centres and retail, just to name a few industries. That means you can end up with a uniform that doesn’t suit the needs of your business or brand. Maybe your employees move around a lot. Or, maybe they sit in an air-conditioned office. Whether they are serving tables or working behind a desk – a customised uniform allows you to take all of this into account.

  1. Unique

Perhaps the most obvious reason for choosing custom for your corporate uniform is to stand out from the crowd. To really make a uniform memorable and effective, it should be unique to your brand. When you order from a catalogue, your uniform can look just like every other business that orders from that same catalogue. But, when you customise your uniform – there will be no mistaking who your staff are.

As a custom uniform company we do still offer a range of catalogues that showcase the possible options and some of our most popular design combinations. Check out the series here Learn More.