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Have you been considering investing in a corporate uniform for your team? Are you hesitating, unsure what the benefits are?

The Uniform Edit has been working with companies for over ten years creating uniforms for their team.  We’ve seen first-hand the positive impact this has had on the company and the team.

We’ve listed below the top five benefits according to feedback from our clients and what we have experienced in our years of doing business.

Employees spend less time deciding what to wear to work

Most mornings I’m sure your staff are staring at their wardrobe wondering what to wear.  Using their energy first thing in the morning making this important decision.  By implementing a uniform you are taking this stress away from them, freeing them up.

Employees look more professional

Let’s face it, some of us don’t have a handle on what corporate wear is all about and how to do it well.  Creating a uniform look for your team ensures your front line staff always look professional and are representing your brand well.

 A uniform will immediately establish a professional business image that attracts and helps retain customers

This is especially important for client-facing staff. A well put together uniform speaks to the customer in a way that gives them confidence in the brand and the product and service offerings

 Uniforms work as a form of advertising and enhance the brand

Companies spend a fortune on advertising and marketing.  What better way to promote your brand than have your team wear something that promotes who you are and what you stand for.

 Uniforms promote team spirit and a sense of belonging, in turn improving productivity

Can you imagine a sporting team playing their match and winning a grand final without wearing a uniform?  It’s clear that a team uniform (whether on or off the field) is the winning approach, creating productivity and developing a sense of team spirit.

Important things to start with when investing in a uniform.