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Uniforms don’t have to be dull. In fact, at The Uniform Edit, we know that uniforms can be anything but dull. Like any area of fashion, there are always new trends and ideas for uniforms. We want you, your business and your employees to be well dressed. That’s why we’re bringing you six new trends to keep an eye on. Make sure your uniforms are on-trend.

ONE – Statement pieces

Statement pieces are all the rage on the runway. Think bold patterned blazers, big earrings and fun graphic tee-shirts. It’s no different for uniforms. Uniforms can incorporate statement pieces in a way which renders them memorable and distinctive. Uniforms look great with a feature tie, jacket or accessory. Choose a bold pattern, colour or interesting style and focus on one key piece for statement uniforms.

TWO – Textures

Textures are a great trend in uniforms right now. Adding in textures to uniforms can add real depth and interest. Modern uniforms often incorporate multiple textures. Using natural fibres is a good way to enhance an organic feel in your uniforms. Wool, leather and linen are three top fabrics which are trending right now in the world of uniforms.

THREE – Minimalism

A sure-fire way to keep your uniforms on trend is by choosing to go minimal. Uniforms look chic and classic when they are kept simple. Monochrome uniforms with fewer items are the way forward.

FOUR – Trainers

This trend goes hand-in-hand with the rise of retro. Trainers are a popular option in footwear for uniforms. Given the increasingly casual face of uniforms, this is no surprise. Comfortable and cool, trainers could be a great choice! Choose an on-trend brand (Nike or New Balance are always a safe bet) and a basic colour to ensure trainers are an asset to your uniforms.

FIVE – Feature item uniforms

What’s an easy and affordable uniform? Uniforms which only consist of one item! This a growing trend for style and economic reasons. Uniforms which feature one key item (a shirt, a jacket or an accessory) are simple and smart. Make sure the key item is stand out and distinctive so that your uniforms are still unified.

SIX – Retro

Fashion is a cycle and right now retro rules. Uniforms are given an update by following the retro trends. 90’s fashion seems to be everywhere at the moment. Add in bold checks, bright socks and touches of athletic-wear to make sure your uniforms are looking their best. If you’re feeling brave, a choker necklace never goes astray either!

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