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Having your team dressed cohesively can improve aspects of your business you may not have already thought of. Uniforms are a form of communication, both to the outside world and among each other. What behaviors, thoughts and feelings are you invoking with your current dress code? Here are 8 reasons to focus on this aspect of your business and take advantage of the fruits it has to offer you.

  1. Team Building

Successful results begin on the inside. Uniformed people = unified team. Uniforms can give each team member the sense of belonging that makes a team gel and accomplish goals working together.

  1. Positive Self Image

A uniform encourages one to take pride and responsibility in what they do in it. Some company’s uniforms even attract employee prospects just because they imagine they’d feel good wearing the uniform. When an employee looks good AND feels like they belong to and are supported by a team they will perform better!

  1. Career Longevity and Employee Investment

When a uniform differentiates teams within the company or levels of leadership it keeps employees interested in staying with the company and exploring other positions within it, encouraging them to put in more effort learning new responsibilities and keeping the company growing in the right direction, hiring within and everyone moving up.

  1. Customer Service Efficiency

A team dressed in uniform conveys the message “Here we are to serve you!”. Uniforms save time the customer spends looking for someone to assist them and even acts as the first building blocks to your client relationship. It’s a comforting and warm welcome without even having to exchange words.

  1. An Opportunity to Say More

Just as your unified team says “Welcome, we are here to serve you”, the uniform you employ can also say more for you. The design itself can convey a message or tone like approachable “Let’s have some fun” or instilling thoughts of significant value “Our products and services are very high end”. Your uniform can also act as ad space, literally delivering a message like “Ask me about our financing options” on a button, name tag or printed right on the apparel itself.

  1. One up your Competition

Implementing a uniform presents an interesting way to outdo your competition. If your uniform is fashionable or more practical than your competitor clients and employees alike will take notice! Healthy competition between two companies in the same industry can create a good buzz among consumers and despite what you might expect both companies can prosper from it.

  1. Brand Building and Familiarity

Big picture thinking got you owning your own company in the first place. Don’t stop there! Uniforms give your company another opportunity to solidify the image you want to show the world.

  1. A Reason to Alert the Press

New or interesting uniforms are certainly worthy of writing about in your local or social media outlets. All the previously stated reasons are good points of interest when pitching a story. Using this guerilla marketing tool can further permeate your brand to the public without costing you.