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When it comes to making an impression in today’s visually geared society, we are more likely to be gauged on what we look like before we are judged on other qualities. Even though your communication, professionalism and friendliness are still as equally important, there’s not much room for error when it comes to presentation and first impressions in business.

A company branded uniform for work is often a great way to build a strong brand presence. Implementing a company uniform is becoming more prevalent in the business world today as businesses want to stand out in an often-crowded market.


The desired outcome of the branding process is brand recognition. You want people to identify your company and what it stands for. If businesses want to stand out in a crowded market, a uniform for work can be a very effective brand recognition tool.  Strong brand visibility also makes it easy for customers to identify your staff, which facilitates the customer service process.


It can be challenging to define and enforce a dress policy.  Uniforms for work are now skillfully created to ensure a stylish combination of a company’s branding and a highly professional image are portrayed that appeals to many.  This takes the pressure off staff to dress appropriately allowing them to feel equally as fashionable as the rest of the team.

The Best Team Players

Having your team dressed cohesively makes them feel proud and part of a team.  A sense of belonging is an essential need by everyone and will allow staff to feel their best which in turn will help them be their best at work.  Great staff is key to a successful business.  Giving them all a stylish uniform for work will make the unite the team and create a positive and fun working environment the customers will take notice of.


Consumers that are brand loyal look for consistency. They want to buy consistency. This consistency extends to the presentation of staff. A uniform for work using all the elements of your band in its design will strengthen brand consistency.


A stylish corporate uniform for work is standout branding that gives a strong impression at business events, meetings or even at the local café at lunch.  Staff buzzing around outside of your workplace in uniform will help to reinforce the brand.

The corporate team at The Uniform Edit offer branding expertise and advice, as well as ensuring that clients are fully involved in the creative process. A well-placed logo, high-quality fabric and colour schemes ranging from vibrant luxe to sophisticated minimalism ensure that the uniform reflects the values of the company.



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