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What is it?

A corporate uniform is an important form of company identity, professional expression and team cohesion. A corporate uniform should be functional, durable and easy to wear. It is usually a set of clothing which is provided by a company for their staff to wear. A corporate uniform can be different across the workplace, varying in styles for different roles within an organisation. Keeping your crew looking stylish is easy with a great corporate uniform. You need one which expresses your brand’s ethos and aesthetic while attracting clients and competitors alike. The Uniform Edit specialises in fully customisable corporate uniforms – to help you on your way.

Who wears it?

A corporate uniform has a central role in many workplaces, across many industries. Those in health care professions require specifically designed corporate uniform to suit the practical demands of that industry. These uniforms need to be comfortable and professional, often with a ‘sporty’ touch to communicate the health and well-being valued by the company. On the other hand, retail workers need uniforms which catch the eye of a customer walking by, something distinctive and stylish. Those who work in the hospitality industry often need a corporate uniform which communicates sophistication and professional integrity. Over the past decade, there has been a move away from corporate uniform for some industries and it is only now that they are realising the benefits of having a good corporate uniform. Certain financial institutions and businesses discarded strict dress codes and corporate uniform and have felt the loss. The corporate uniform unites staff and gives a consistent identity to the organisation.

What is the history?

The corporate uniform has existed for time immemorial … almost! The Industrial Revolution saw the introduction of the kind of capitalist workforce we are used to today. Factories and offices were introduced to the masses, along with regular working hours, salaries and corporate uniform! Uniform was central to culture even before then, with tribal ‘uniform’ and then military uniforms taking important places in the identification of certain people and groups in society. When corporate uniform was introduced in a major way, businesses began to use it as a means of marketing. In the 1950’s there was an increase in corporate uniform trends which came alongside the post-war employment of women. Women were now working in banks and diners and hotels – that meant they needed to look the part! This is where corporate uniform dresses come in; the epitome of class and tradition. Then, in the 1980’s marketing gurus began a new wave of interest in the power of the corporate uniform. Airlines began to employ designers to create unique and avant-garde corporate uniform for their staff. Today, the corporate uniform is constantly changing. The workplace is becoming increasingly casual – and that means uniforms are more casual too. Thirty years ago, it would have been unthinkable to have a corporate uniform without a tie and now it is very common. The corporate uniform is flexible to every business model and every staff member!

What are the trends?

Because the corporate uniform is becoming more casual, the trends are changing. Here are three top trends for corporate uniform for 2019:
  1. Patterns! Corporate uniform can be bright and bold. Add in some pattern to make a statement.
  2. Three quarter length sleeves are a great (and very practical) trend of business shirts.
  3. A corporate uniform doesn’t have to be made of traditional materials. Try a touch of linen or even denim to make your uniform contemporary.